Community Support Center opens Adopt-a-Family Holiday Portal

Community Support Center opens Adopt-a-Family Holiday Portal

Community Support Center opens Adopt-a-Family Holiday Portal

Volunteer label to prepare the adopted children for distribution through the portal of CAC. (cac)

The Adopt-a-Family Portal of the Community Support Center (CAC) has opened to provide gifts to more than 1,400 children in the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs area whose families need help with the holidays.

CAC invites individuals, groups, circles and corporations to browse information about families and “adopt” them, making a commitment to provide holiday gifts for those children. The non-profit community support organization expects more than 1,600 children to participate.

CAC CEO Francis K. “The impact of the Family Adoption program cannot be underestimated,” Horton III said in a release. “For the kids in this program, it may be the only luxury they experience this holiday season.”

Donors provided gifts for more than 1,500 children out of hundreds in 2021. On average, the amount spent per child ranged from $75 to $100.

CAC youth program coordinator Christina Kennett said that each family registers with CAC and provides documents to show the level of need to qualify for the program.

The portal displays the gender, age and preferences of each child to allow a gift that accepts the child as an individual. The Adopt-a-Family portal was created free of charge by CJ Sutherland of Atomic Marshmallow Web Design for the use of CAC.

Cat Dawson, Account Manager for Cisco Systems and participant in the 2021 Adopt-a-Family program, said, “Participating in the CAC Adopt-a-Family program is a great opportunity for our team to give back and spend some time together during the holidays. was.” In 2021, Dawson and some colleagues pooled resources for “adopting” 50 children from a dozen families.

Many families also donate their time to organize and distribute the gifts. Volunteer opportunities are available in November and December for individuals and small groups.

For more information about the Adopt a Family program, or to view a profile and choose a family to support this holiday season, visit, For community members and organizations interested in adopting large numbers of children, contact Kennett directly. Adoptive [email protected], To donate directly to the program, visit,

The donated bicycles are ready for distribution to children in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs. (cac)

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