Day of the Devs shows Mina the Hollower and more from India

Day of the Devs shows Mina the Hollower and more from India

Day of the Devs shows Mina the Hollower and more from India

Development Day, an exhibit dedicated to highlighting indie games, held a 10th anniversary parade today. The hour-long broadcast shed light on several highly anticipated indie games, including Mina HollorAnd the sea ​​of ​​starsand more.

This is the second broadcast put on by Day of the Devs in 2022, as the organization Hosted a show as part of Summer Game Fest in June. Today’s channel celebrated its 10th anniversary and made announcements about games that went unheeded earlier this summer.

The show began with perhaps its biggest title: Mina Hollor. Adventure game inspired by Game Boy is the latest game from knight shovel Yacht Club Games Studio. While we’ve seen screenshots of her in the past, this was the closest we’ve seen yet at her gameplay, which reminds us The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. One notable feature here is the hack mechanism, which allows its protagonist, Mina, to burrow under enemies to avoid damage.

Day of the Devs shows Mina the Hollower and more from India

However, the most surprising moment came when legendary game developers Kane and Roberta Williams announced a full 3D remake of the game. huge cave, a 1976 text-adventure game. The remake completely modernizes that classic experience by allowing players to explore a 3D space. It will also include a VR component, with a release planned MetaQuest devicesas well as PC and Switch.

Several other eye-catching games appeared during the broadcast. Evolved: Duality It is an action-adventure game based on the anime and features intense combat, Dead pets unleashed is a feminist rock punk game that involves managing a group of demons, and Snufking: The Melody of Munmin Valley It is a musical adventure with the score of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

A character walking down a neon-lit cyberpunk street in Evolutis Duality.

Here is the full list of games featured during the show.

  • Mina Hollor
  • Snufking: The Moomin Valley Melody
  • Escape Academy: Island Escape Anti Escape
  • Detective Frog 3: Corruption in Cowboy County
  • Dead pets unleashed
  • Tera Nile
  • The suitors are thirsty
  • huge cave
  • conquer
  • Junbrella
  • Evolved: Duality
  • Atari 50: Anniversary Collection
  • slime heroes
  • samurai zero
  • What is the bat?
  • sea ​​of ​​stars

to continue the celebration, Developers Day A physical event will be held on November 5 in San Francisco. It will contain playable demos for upcoming games like Another treasure crabAnd the SatanAnd the Russell Quest.

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