Death Stranding and Death Stranding director cuts reach 10 million players

Death Stranding and Death Stranding director cuts reach 10 million players

death strand And the Death Stranding exit cut Combined it has reached more than 10 million players worldwide, developer Kojima Productions announce On the third anniversary of the original game today.

death strand It was first launched for Playstation 4 On November 8, 2019, followe dby computer Across steam And the Epic Games Store On July 14, 2020 Death Stranding exit cut fired for PlayStation 5 On September 24, 2021, followed by PC via steam And the Epic Games Store On March 30, 2022.

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As of November 8, 2022, death strand Connected to over 10 million porters worldwide across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. * This achievement comes as a death strand The franchise is celebrating its third anniversary after its launch on November 8, 2019.

original game, death strandreleased Sony Interactive Entertainment For PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019 and earlier 505 Games For PC on July 14, 2020 Director’s Cut It was launched on September 24, 2021, to promote death strand Experiment by introducing more characters to players a jobExpanded areas, extended stories through new missions and a unique Social Strand System that enables players to stay connected with each other around the world through in-game actions, including donating valuable resources to rebuild structures. The Director’s Cut It is the ultimate experience and is currently available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

death strand And the Death Stranding exit cut Also available via Play Station Plus. death strand It was also recently made available on PC Game Pass.

death strand It challenges players to reconnect with a fractured community after the disastrous “Death Stranding” event. This opened the door between the living and the dead, resulting in beings from the afterlife roaming the fallen world marred by a desolate society. Holding the remnants of a seceded humanity’s future in his hands, players take on the role of Sam Bridges as he embarks on a mission to deliver hope to humanity by connecting the last survivors of a collapsing America.

*Includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and free access as part of subscription services such as PlayStation Plus and PC Game Pass.

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