December 2nd is going to be a huge gaming day

December 2nd is going to be a huge gaming day

December 2nd is going to be a huge gaming day

December 2nd is set to be a huge day for the gaming industry, as three major releases will be released at the same time. December is usually particularly slow when it comes to new video game releases, but it looks like December 2022 will be the exception to the rule. While the latter half of December 2022 doesn’t have much in the way of new video game releases, the first half of the month looks incredibly strong.

December is the beginning of things with release The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 Retribution, scheduled for release on December 1 for virtual reality devices, including PlayStation VR. the first The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners The game is generally considered one of the best VR games on the market, so hopes are high that the sequel can improve on the original.

Today’s video games

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Friday, December 2, will be the busiest gaming day in the entire month of December. On that day, gamers can look forward to the release of three distinct big budget games, AAA in the form of Midnight from MarvelAnd the Need for Speed ​​UnboundAnd the Callisto Protocol. All three of these games have serious potential, and players will have a hard time choosing between them by December 2.

New video game released in December 2022

  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter Two Retribution – December 1
  • Midnight – December 2
  • Need for Speed ​​Unbound – December 2
  • Callisto Protocol – December 2
  • Hello Neighbor December 2 – 6
  • Dragon Quest Treasures – December 9
  • Crisis Center: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – December 13
  • High in life – December 13

For those who are not familiar with games, midnight sun It is a new strategy game based on the Marvel feature of the same name. While licensed Marvel games can be hit or miss, midnight sun The pedigree of developer Firaxis Games speaks for itself. Before that midnight sunFiraxis introduced critically acclaimed new entries in civilization The franchise has also been replayed XCOM series. Some fans are worried about him midnight sunCard-based fighting, but initial previews of the game were positive. Come December 2, those on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X will be able to try midnight sun for themselves, but anyone on older platforms or the Switch will have to wait until an indefinite later date to play the game.

joining midnight sun December 2 is a racing game Need for Speed ​​Unboundthe latest entry in EA’s long-running racing game franchise. Need for Speed ​​Unbound It’s a new first need for speed The game since 2019 Need for Speed ​​Heat And the first with award-winning development led by Criterion Games since 2012 game name. Need for Speed ​​Unbound It will only be a next generation version When it launches on December 2, allowing the game to take full advantage of the added horsepower offered by the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The game’s use of cartoon-inspired aesthetics is certainly a change of pace, and it will be interesting to see how fans receive it. racing games.

Finally, the third new main game released on December 2nd is a brand new IP and the new effort from Striking Distance Studios, Callisto Protocol. Serve as a spiritual successor of sorts dead space franchise business, Callisto Protocol Led development dead space Creator Glenn Scofield. Blending sci-fi elements with classic survival and horror gameplay, players face all kinds of unspeakable horrors capable of brutally killing them. the noise is loud for Callisto ProtocolIt is definitely one of the best new horror games of the year.

It looks like December 2nd is going to be the biggest day of the month when it comes to gaming, but there are other days in December to look forward to as well. Hello Neighbor 2 December 6 drops, The 2022 Games Awards will be held on December 8thAnd the Dragon Quest Treasures The key hits on December 9th. However, if any day somehow matches December 2 in terms of big new releases, it’s definitely December 13.

Tuesday December 13th marks the last day of the month that will see a major release of a new game, but fans will have two games to look forward to that day. One of these games is Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 Reuniona new version of the classic PSP game, the other is high on lifeIt is a twisted first-person shooter Rick and Morty Creator Justin Roiland. high on life It’s Xbox Game Pass for the first daywhich may generate more interest in the title.

December 2022 will likely be home to more game releases than has been announced so far, but that’s not yet clear. For now, players can look forward to December 2 and all the big game releases it’s coming with, as well as other new games already announced in December.

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