‘Destiny 2’ launches Telesto ‘Bug’ Mystery Community Puzzle

‘Destiny 2’ launches Telesto ‘Bug’ Mystery Community Puzzle

While I knew there was supposed to be a community event in this final month of Destiny 2, I had no idea it would start just like…this.

After getting tip it Something It was happening today, and since then Telesto has been discovered to be bugging again, but in a very unorthodox way.

Players very quickly discovered that Telesto’s latest glitch was shooting floating spikes that were flying into the air. Weird, but this is Telesto we’re talking about, so it’s not entirely implausible that he might just randomly start doing something like this.

However, this is actually the beginning of a file community puzzle, where I think I know the endpoint, but not how to get to it. Again, this isn’t just a random glitch:

  • Telesto was moved to be smoking and sparking, which he had never done before. This happens in any decoration.
  • Launching Telesto will cause a pattern of bolts to rise into the sky. I think they’re supposed to be constellations, because I’m sure I’ve seen at least Orion and one of the Big Dippers there.
  • Holding down reload will kill this floating shot mode and make the gun fire normally again. Again, this is something Bungie has to specifically load into the game. This is not how insects work.

What’s going on from here, I’m not sure. Yes, Telesto takes out the towers. No, I don’t really know what to do with that fact. I’ve had a hint that this may continue to appear over the coming days so we may need to wait and see what the additional resets bring.

we Think We know where this is headed, having been in the API for a very long time while now there will be a community event at the end of the season where players collect coins to help rebuild the Eliksni neighborhood so this mess isn’t devastating. How do we move from the Telesto constellations to it? I have no earthly idea, my knowledge stops here. But I have to assume they are related. If not, the Telesto thing leads to something else entirely, well, that would be really cool.

It has been until far away It’s been a long time since Bungie put a weird puzzle like this in the game, which has elicited mixed reactions in the past from players. Some love the weird and the quest for answers, while others love the things that sit around waiting to be solved by the community creators. Right now, it looks like we’re at that point, as I’m told Aztecross is already tracking a constellation live on the live stream. I’m sure there will be other players joining it soon, once the initial doubt has subsided.

So yeah, that’s real. This is not me hallucinating a community event into existence. Go check out Telesto’s strange behavior for yourself, and come up with some of your own theories.

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