Destiny 2’s Telesto Exotic has been broken again, apparently on purpose

Destiny 2’s Telesto Exotic has been broken again, apparently on purpose

Telesto, one Fate 2oldest alien species, Cause problems againBut this time it seems intentional.

What at first seemed like an Easter egg or a simple joke on Tuesday morning turned into a complete takeover of Twitter for the gun. What exactly it leads to is unclear, but this is a meta-level joke the likes of which we haven’t seen from Bungie.

For those not in the know, Telesto has been a recurring problem for Bungie over the past few years. The weapon originated in the first fatecame to fate 2 in that Curse of Osiris expansion. It’s an Exotic Void fusion rifle that, instead of firing regular bolts after charging, fires small nearby mines that stick to the ground and walls. For some reason, these mines created more weird bugs than anything else in the Fate 2To the point where it became a constant joke.

Whenever something broken appears Fate 2, people immediately joke that this is Telesto’s fault. Those who have been around the Destiny block probably have a favorite Telesto bug they remember fondly. For example, during abandoned squeeze out Fate 2I remember fondly Everyone shoots Telesto at their feet in Blind Well . activity. This, for some reason, causes the activity progress bar to progress very quickly, allowing you to bypass all enemies and get rewards in just a minute or two. (Normal completion usually takes more than 10 minutes). why did you do that? Don’t look at me, man, that’s just Telesto.

So when Telesto started acting weird on Tuesday, everyone briefly thought he was par for the course.

First, instead of launching its usual mines, Telesto began firing rockets into the sky.

Players then discovered that the missile thing was an alternate shooting mode for the weapon, and appeared to emit black smoke when fired. This seemed too detailed to be a mistake, even for Telesto.

And so YouTubers, livestreams, and fans started pulling their heads together to try to “solve” everything that was going on. This mostly only included some players shooting into the sky and claiming Random screws looked like towers, which then prompted them to attempt to read the horoscopes in an attempt to solve a mystery that did not exist. (See, we’re approaching the end of the season and everyone is in desperate need of some in-game excitement.)

On Wednesday, Bungie broadcast a message throughout the entire match saying “Telesto” over and over again.

This led to the further development of the rifle. The alternate shooting mode is gone, but the mines now explode and fire tiny purple rockets – a weapon that replays action in real time.

Finally, the official Fate 2 The Twitter account was “hacked” by Telesto on Wednesday.

The account started tweeting as such Telesto for both its followers and in response to other brands such as Xbox. The account even changed its profile picture and banner to be its Telesto theme. Bungie simply said that he was working on a fix for the new Telesto ‘glitch’.

Now before you get too excited and start thinking your horoscope readers were about to achieve something, Fate 2Global Community Leader, Cosmo, Emphasize that there is no huge puzzle to be solved. However, he stuck to the “we’re working on a fix” line, so he could be joking.

This all seems to lead to a logo called Schrodinger’s Gun, which has been hidden in game files for some time.

While this might not be a very exciting puzzle that leads to some new weird quests, it’s definitely a nice way to engage otherwise vetted players for a few weeks.

All this Telesto weirdness is still going on at the time of writing, and we’ll update this post if there are any major developments.

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