Don’t wait for Black Friday, get up to $850 off the Samsung Galaxy S22 right now

Don’t wait for Black Friday, get up to 0 off the Samsung Galaxy S22 right now

Don’t wait for Black Friday, get up to $850 off the Samsung Galaxy S22 right now

Samsung offers some compelling discounts on barter

Galaxy S22 series is One of the best generations of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line a long time ago. The S22 and S22+ take the tried-and-true design of the S21 and improve it with better specs and similar smaller bezels. The Galaxy S22 Ultra Taking things a step further, the S and Note fonts are finally integrated into the flagship with the S Pen. It is not surprising that the S22 is on the list Best phones of 2022. If you want an upgrade and want to save some cash, you can save up to $850 on an S22 kit through commercial promotions.


The baby Galaxy S22 is the hardest to recommend out of the three. I’m glad Samsung made a small flagship this year, but the smaller battery might not be able to keep up. + S22 is a different story, Earn 8.5/10 in our review. Like the smaller S22, this phone has a beautiful display and an improved 50MP main camera that can capture some exceptional photos and videos, backed by 3X zoom and an ultra-wide lens. Unlike the smaller phone, the S22+ has a battery that pleases most people through the day, along with 45W wired charging and 15W wireless charging to keep you powered up.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22
    Galaxy S22 all official angles (5)

    The Galaxy S22 is one of the smallest Android flagships and offers all the specs you could want from great cameras to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The only downside to this phone is the poor battery, but that sacrifice of course pays off with smaller phones, you can now get S22 for under $50 if you have the right hardware to replace it.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 +
    Spigen Liquid Air for Galaxy S22 +

    The Galaxy S22+ takes the flagship and premium cameras from the regular S22 and combines them with a larger screen and a battery that lasts most people all day long. With today’s exchange deals, you can get the S22+ for just $200.

right Now , s 22 It is $50 off and can be combined with up to $500 in swap credit. Together, this brings the price down to just $50Which is an absolute bargain if you can live with the battery life. The S22 + Sees $100 more discount with additional discount of up to $600 with swaps, dropping to $ 200. To get the maximum trade value, you’ll need something like S21 or S21+. If you have something like the S20+, you only get $275.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Galaxy S22 Ultra is the ultimate non-foldable flagship. The huge screen is amazingly bright and smooth, cameras that can reach the moon, and the S Pen that rivals the Apple Pencil. With the trade-in, you can get the S22 Ultra for just $250 from Samsung.

Finally, we have the Galaxy S22 Ultra, a phone I’ve used as my daily device since the day it was launched. Combining the best of the S and Note phones is a no-brainer, and I loved every moment with the S Pen. The iconic boxy design takes advantage of every millimeter of screen space, making note-taking, doodling, reading and video watching a joy. On paper, the cameras aren’t much different from the S21 Ultra, but they’re actually faster and more fun to use. Samsung released a huge patch in June that almost completely eliminated the shutter lag issue, and with it, the S22 Ultra My favorite camera phone ever. Android 13 and One UI 5 have only improved this phone in the past few weeks, and it will continue to improve until Android 16.

The S22 Ultra is $150 off up to $700 with a trade-in, which brings the phone down to $250 if you have a high-value device to send. For a powerful engine like this, this is a steal and I guarantee you won’t regret pulling the trigger.

If you don’t mind waiting a little longer, You can register here For Samsung’s Black Friday Early Access event that starts on the 11th and promises a lot of discounts across many products.

If you get an S22 today or plan to get one soon, make sure you have a good case to go with it. These glass and metal sandwiches are brittle, and you’ll want to keep them nice for as long as possible. We have collected the best cases for s 22And the S22 +And the S22 Ultra.

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