Douglas High Assistance Fund addresses shortage of low-income students

Douglas High Assistance Fund addresses shortage of low-income students

Douglas High School Assistance Funds received a $2,350 check Monday from First American Title, Keller Williams and Carson Valley Accounting. Deanna Sorhouet, Cynthia Feller, Natalie Duty, Ryan Blewer, Vanessa Ozolin, Principal Mike Reichs, Emily Tobias, Brian Nelson and Brandi Marshall.

High school is as hard as a student having to worry about their clothing and supplies or being denied admission to a sports team or AP class based on their income.

On Monday, $2,350 was donated to the Douglas High School Aid Fund, which helps students with fees.

The first US title, Keller Williams and Carson Valley Accounting, raised money during a Truck or Treat event in October.

Cynthia Feller of First American Title said the goal was to support the community and the high school.

“Which we did,” Feller said. “We are grateful for the support from the community.”

Douglas High School counselor Vanessa Ozolins said the aid money helps students who are low-income or homeless, and who cannot buy supplies or clothing at school.

“It helps with everything from a graphing calculator to clothing,” Ozolins said. “Kids who get it are grateful and feel more confident out here and there like a new baby. It really makes a difference when they’re able to get the things they need and build their self-esteem.” build.”

Ozolins said the program had existed for many years in high school, but it was all donation-based at first.

With the help of First American Title, Keller Williams and Carson Valley Accounting, and some grants, he said the program could be set up better.

“We would get donations here and there, mostly in the form of gift cards to clothing stores, to help students shop for themselves, getting their specific sizes and styles, but what we can help now is can expand,” she said.

The funds are used for low-income students and those who may have no income or may even be homeless.

“It fills those gaps for students who may not be able to pay for certain things,” Ozolins said. “Like, clothing and school supplies, but also for things like advance placement classes and sports. A student should not be limited to what they want to do because they cannot afford it.”

Ozolins said the aid funding program is completely confidential.

for more information

Contact Ozolin at the counselor’s office at Douglas High School or call 775-782-5136.

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