Dwarf Fortress’ big transformation will be released on Steam in December

Dwarf Fortress’ big transformation will be released on Steam in December

Dwarf Fortress’ big transformation will be released on Steam in December

dwarf castlethe beloved and byzantine colonial simulation game, Coming to Steam on December 6. Tuesday’s announcement marks a milestone for Tarn Adams and Zach Adams of Bay 12 Games, who have been working on the game since 2003.

Originally titled Obaid Armuk: God of Blood Chapter Two: Dwarf CastleThe basic gameplay of the game involves taking a small group of dwarves and carving a home for them out of the unforgiving wilderness. The game blends classic Tolkien-inspired fantasy traditions with incredibly complex simulations that craft everything from people’s moods, morals, and madness to Glacial flows and fluid dynamics.

dwarf castle It’s a popular ugly game, with a bunch of primitive patterns based on ASCII characters. The new app features a new set of pixel art tiles and, for the first time, mouse functionality. There’s also a basic tutorial, some sort of in-game encyclopedia, a full soundtrack, ambient sounds, and other quality-of-life additions meant to lower the harsh learning curve.

One of the most charming additions to the game is its host animal people Orcs, about 200 in total, Tarn Adams told Polygon. But, while discussing their inclusion, he also revealed how much work he, his brother, and the team at Kitfox Games have done. Partnership with in 2019. Add giant copies of those creatures, and there are 200 more. There are fantasy animals, adding another 50 inscriptions, and natural animals, of course – another 200. This brings the total number of animals and animal folk to about 650. All of these have dead versions, of course, as well as gnomes versions, and zombie versions. Add in the procedurally generated creatures, including the dwarves themselves, each with eight different pieces that the game can choose from during creation, and the work begins to pile up.

“Forgotten monsters, of course,” said Tarn Adams, laughed, “which have a gigantic web of bits assembled together from shells, antennae, lower jaws, trunks, wings, tail, and various numbers of eyes. […] There is a lot.”

The new version of the game is not only designed for new players. dwarf castle The brothers said veterans can look forward to the plentiful bug fixes. Also, the dwarves themselves are a little easier to assemble thanks to the new “custom job details” system (which replaces the old view/career/work system). Beyond that, the pair is particularly excited about the improved endgame.

“I don’t know how many people will yell at you to screw things up,” Tarn Adams warned. “It’s been 16 years, I think, so it kind of spoiled an ’80s movie or something.”

“Becoming a ‘mountain house’ is kind of the public thing you’re supposed to do,” said Zach Adams. He explained that once the castle reached a certain number of happy dwarves, a group of dwarf nobles from another part of the upper world would travel to reside in what appeared to be the new capital of the dwarf civilization. But instead of spending time and treasures appeasing these nobles, players traditionally dumped them instead. Narratively, it’s a bit surprising, but mechanically it’s much easier to face than fickle and sometimes untenable demands. While the brothers didn’t want to spoil too much, their improvements should make their end-game scenario – which includes a great deal of mining and exploration – more playable than it used to be.

Tarn Adams also said he’s personally interested in seeing dwarf castle The sprint community is back again.

“It’s not impossible to do,” said Tarn Adams. “It only took Zack 47 hours. We think people can do it faster.”

The game has been available for free since its release in 2006, and the couple funded its development through crowdfunding. One of the big reasons the brothers went down this path with Kitfox was to improve their financial security, and with their launch they are finally looking to make that personal goal a reality.

We haven’t received COVID yet,” said Tarn Adams, his brother nodding at our Zoom call. “The main goal was to get health insurance and better things. And that won’t be a thing until we launch the game. We are almost done.”

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