Elon Musk has killed the new “official” designation for big-name loudspeakers

Elon Musk has killed the new “official” designation for big-name loudspeakers

The Twitter logo is seen on a mobile device in this illustration in Warsaw, Poland on October 30, 2022. Twitter is losing its most active users according to research by Reuters. Although the most influential tweeters make up only 10 percent of monthly users, together they are responsible for 90 percent of all tweets and nearly half of the company’s revenue.

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In the latest in a series of changes to Twitter’s verification system, Twitter owner Elon Musk said he had “killed” the new “official” designation on Wednesday that began rolling out some of the biggest names on the platform earlier in the day.

Twitter Executive Producer Esther Crawford Details revealed About how the social network’s new verification system will work on Tuesday, after the company’s acquisition Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in late October.

Some of the accounts that were originally verified are marked “official,” Crawford said, while any user who pays $7.99 a month for Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription product, will show a blue check mark. It did not specify what it would take to obtain “official” status.

As of Wednesday morning, several Twitter accounts, including CNBC, were classified as “official.” By Wednesday afternoon, those stickers, which appeared as gray checkmarks, were gone.

“Please note that Twitter is going to do a lot of stupid things in the coming months,” Musk Posted in Tweet. “We will keep what works and change what does not.”

Crawford also acknowledged the change of tack on Wednesday, writing in a tweet that “there are no sacred cows in the product on Twitter anymore.”

“Elon is willing to try many things – many will fail and some will succeed,” she said. “The goal is to find the right mix of successful changes to ensure long-term health and growth of the business.”

in Tweet followCrawford said the official naming will remain part of the Twitter Blue launch, but will focus only on government and commercial entities for now.

Musk, who is currently Twitter’s CEO and sole director, criticized Twitter’s original verification system, which Gives a blue check mark, or check, for notable users They are likely to be impersonated by bad actors.

The blue checks originally went to verify the identities of government officials, politicians, celebrities, some journalists, executives, medical professionals, and organizations whose identity the company had verified. Musk himself has benefited from getting Twitter’s verification tag. So do countless journalists, including CNBC.

in Wednesday TweetMusk wrote, “The blue check would be the greatest equality.”

Under Musk’s direction, Twitter’s new blue check mark will instead serve as a paid subscriber badge the company nonetheless plans to invoke “verification”. The subscription service has become a major focus for Musk, who wants the platform to become less dependent on advertisers and generate more revenue from subscriptions.

CNBC’s Laura Kolodny contributed to this report.

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