Endor’s Torture Device Basically Had a Soundtrack to Go With It

Endor’s Torture Device Basically Had a Soundtrack to Go With It

Endor’s Torture Device Basically Had a Soundtrack to Go With It

Bix with head torture device

screenshot, Disney+

creatively cruel ways of empire Atrocity Rabels clearly done displayed on internal management andto like Floors with the power to fry people. but there’s nothing more annoying than that Imperial Security Bureau Officer Dadra miroweapon of choice: Headphones that play the sounds of a species that can transmit their painful death to any living thing through their cries.

Yep, he’s emerged in one of the darkest ways ever presented in star wars, and recently in an interview with /Thin layer, internal management and‘s sound editor monitor David Accord shared that the sound itself was really Made for the show. “When that scene came out, it was like, ‘Oh, well, okay…’ It’s definitely hard, that we had to come up with a sound like, ‘What sound is that literally Will anyone be used to torture?’ So we came up with a lot of ideas,’How do these creatures sound like they are imitating?’ Or maybe it is, we come up with something a bit more surrealistic, ‘How does the sound make the characters feel? ‘what is that sound?'”

Ultimately, however, it was decided that the sound would not be played on the screen. “It was tony [Gilroy] Who said, ‘No, we don’t want to hear that. the audience doesn’t hear it, and let’s [actor] Adria Arjona carries that scene. So we go completely silent once the headphones are on, and it’s just her breathing, and just that kind of terror in her eyes, and she makes that scream, that sells her,” he said. ,And it’s the complete silence around her, and it’s her feeling the terror in that moment… kind of imagining, ‘Oh my god, what’s she listening to? What is this?’ And your own imagination is going to be far more awesome or interesting than anything we create on an individual basis. That’s why it’s effective.”

It definitely had one of the most chilling moments what we have seen internal management and So far, And we have a feeling that Daedra Meero is just getting started.

internal management and streams on wednesday on Disney+.

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