Eternal Doom composer claims soundtrack was a ‘nightmare’

Eternal Doom composer claims soundtrack was a ‘nightmare’

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in Medium long post, 14,000 wordsAnd the eternal torment Composer Mick Gordon accused ID Software executive producer Marty Stratton of lying about him Poor version of the official soundtrack Throwing it under the bus as a reason its tracks were badly mixed up.

According to Gordon, working on the soundtrack for eternal torment It was a nightmare from start to finish; Both when working on the same game, including for 11 months without pay; And then, when id Software claimed, surprise announced that the OST album would be included in the Collector’s Edition of the game without informing Gordon in advance of any plans for such a project. In his new position, Gordon said he had to spend 18 to 20 hours a day to meet the ID deadline for the Outer Space Treaty.

Gordon claims he wasn’t able to hear the final soundtrack until it was released and said that the results of the OST’s “careless editing” and “imperfections, errors, and obvious technical errors” left him stunned.

“Besides my direct contributions, there were 47 additional tracks made with poor editing of bits and clips taken from my in-game score,” he wrote. “They displayed the same reckless disregard for basic music fundamentals that plagued the initial edits the show showed me a week ago.”

Additionally, Gordon claims to:

  • Audio version is not approved
  • He did not receive his salary until he reached eight months of production
  • He wasn’t told he’d be working on the soundtrack until eternal tormentThe Collectors Edition has been announced to the public
  • Stratton offered him a “six-figure sum” to keep quiet on the matter

eternal tormentThe OST of 59 tracks was Marred by controversy in 2020. When it was announced that Gordon had mixed only 11 or so of the 59 tracks for the game’s Collector’s Edition, fans noted that the game’s tracks looked “flat” compared to the quality of work found in Gordon’s previous work. This led to harassment campaigns against ID’s lead sound designer, Chad Moswalder, who is credited with tracks fans had complaints.

To defend Moswalder, Identity producer Stratton introduced Long reddit post In May of that year, it was alleged that Gordon’s failure to deliver his music on time resulted in multiple delays to the OST, leaving Mossholder to pick up the tracks with four dozen other tracks. Stratton concluded his post by saying the company wouldn’t work with Gordon for him eternal tormentDLC and wished him success in his future endeavours.

In today’s Medium blog, Gordon claims that he and Stratton discussed his concerns about the failed OST release via a Skype call that sparked tensions.

“After spending some time chastising me for my lack of public support, he accused me that the failure of the Outer Space Treaty was entirely my fault,” Gordon claims. “I responded that it wasn’t my decision to include 47 badly edited tracks. I didn’t hear until their last album before it was released. He directly accused me of failing to take ownership and insisted that I take full public responsibility. I responded that it was absolutely impossible for me to fall for something I didn’t.” I do it.”

Despite allegations he cleared the air with one at the end of the call and, at Stratton’s suggestion, agreed to release a joint statement about the album’s overhaul plans, Gordon says Stratton then decided to widely publicize the Reddit post that blamed OST’s largely lackluster state on Gordon.

“Marty’s job has severely affected my professional and personal reputation. By making this statement, I am exercising my right to defend myself” Gordon wrote on Twitter today. “It is a defense, not an unprovoked attack, issued only with great hesitation after all other attempts to resolve the matter failed.”

my box I reached out to Bethesda for comment.

“This statement is not an excuse for a hate campaign,” Gordon wrote at the end of his Twitter thread. “Acts of hate online will not produce any positive change. It just makes things worse.”

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