Eufy launches cheaper AirTag alternative with Find My App support

Eufy launches cheaper AirTag alternative with Find My App support

Anker Eufy recently introduced a new device SmartTrack Link Tracking With Find My app support, offering iPhone users a cheaper alternative to AirTag. Item tracker also works with File Eufy Security AppAvailable in the software store.

Eufy SmartTrack link
The SmartTrack link can be added to the Items tab of the Find My app, allowing its location to be tracked in the app just like AirTag. And if another iPhone user around the world approaches the missing item with the SmartTrack link affixed to it, the Find My network securely transmits an approximate location of the item to you.

The SmartTrack Link has many similarities to the AirTag, including a built-in speaker that can play audio if it’s lost, waterproof, and a CR2032 battery that lasts up to a year. The main advantage is the cost, with a single SmartTrack link priced at $19.99 and currently on sale for $16 at checkout. On the Eufy website With discount code WS24SM. By comparison, a single AirTag costs $29 and a four-pack costs $99.

Eufy item tracking is also cheaper than Chipolo One Spotwhich was released last year for $28 and also supports Find My.

Other benefits of the SmartTrack Link vs AirTag include full compatibility with Android smartphones, a QR code on the back that provides contact information for the owner, and a hole for attaching a keyring without an additional accessory.

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