Eufy’s new tracker looks like a cheaper AirTag that works with Android

Eufy’s new tracker looks like a cheaper AirTag that works with Android

But you will still need an iPhone for the best experience

Tracking tags are becoming popular these days, and apart from Tile, the biggest name in the game is still there Apple AirTags. It relies on a network of nearby Apple devices to relay its location through the Find My network. despite Samsung offers something similarIn the US, nothing can beat the Apple game – AirTags are getting stronger than ever as people keep buying more Apple gear. Fortunately, Eufy has just created a Find My compatible tag, and for a change, this tag already works on Android phones as well.


Eufy-Smart-Tags-1-1.5 Update

The Anker-owned brand has released the Eufy SmartTrack Link, a tracking tag that in many ways looks like an improved AirTag. Its biggest selling point is that you can use it with Apple’s Find My network, something competitors love tiles The tags are lacking, and Eufy actually gives it a huge advantage by putting it on par with Apple’s AirTags in terms of tracking capabilities. Just grab your iPhone, open the Find My app, and add the SmartTrack link to the Items tab.

It can also sync natively with Android phones, with one notable exception. You can use the SmartTrack link with your Android phone by downloading the Eufy Security app, which gives you everything Except Tracking on Android smartphones. That’s kind of a big catch – it uses Find My exclusively for “worldwide tracking” purposes.


Source: Eufy

Fortunately, it also happens to be a cheaper alternative to AirTag. You can get the SmartTrack Link for just $19, which is $10 less than $29 for individual AirTag orders. It also comes with a built-in speaker and a CR2032 battery; It is waterproof, and it even has a hook. Basically, it’s cheaper and provides an experience that may actually be better in many respects.

If you’re thinking about getting some AirTags for yourself, getting one or two of these Eufy tags might actually be a better option. They are currently in late order due to high demand, but you can still Place your order now. Assuming they arrive in time for the holidays, consider them early Black Friday shopping.

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