EVGA’s missing RTX 4090 prototype shows us what it could have been

EVGA’s missing RTX 4090 prototype shows us what it could have been

EVGA’s missing RTX 4090 prototype shows us what it could have been

EVGA has left the GPU market aggressively, citing a weak partnership with Nvidia as the reason. Before take off, it looks like it managed to make one last RTX 4090 GPU, or at least a prototype of it.

This prototype of the card shows us what would have been EVGA still making GPUs. Surprisingly, it looks like this model was able to avoid the meltdown disaster of the RTX 4090.

EVGA itself submitted this early prototype to YouTuber JayzTwoCents. The fact that this prototype, which works perfectly, is there to prove what a sudden EVGA decision to stop making graphics processing units (GPUs) was. After all, what we’re seeing here is a decent flagship EVGA FTW3 GPU; If it was mass-produced, it would definitely have made Best GPU Categories. Due to the lack of a contract with Nvidia, EVGA no longer officially calls it an Nvidia card, instead putting “Next Gen Graphics” on the shroud.

The shroud is very elegant and not overly bulky for RTX 4090. The card itself is in matte black and silver, has three large fans, and lacks the typical “player aesthetic”. Although I only run a “homemade” version of the BIOS, the card works fine, but it doesn’t support basic GPU overclocking. The card’s power limit cannot be raised above 100% in typical overclockers.

The card’s rear I/O panel is mounted directly into the cover, which prevents sag issues – even though it’s a massive card that takes up about four PCIe slots. Another interesting thing is the placement of the 16-pin power connector, which has been relocated to the back of the card and means the power cable is there as well.

This is especially interesting due to the ongoing saga of Melting RTX 4090 power connectors. Although Nvidia has not yet taken an official position on the matter, all indications point to the fact that cable bending can cause thermal problems that then lead to melting. Since EVGA put the power cable in a different position, this may be useful – provided users have enough room to spare for their case.

EVGA’s missing RTX 4090 prototype shows us what it could have been

As far as performances go, Jay was impressed with how the card performed. It appears to have hit a memory frequency that only MSI’s RTX 4090 Suprim can rival, and that’s with a locked power limit. Otherwise, the EVGA RTX 4090 would have performed better.

We’ll never know if EVGA could have avoided the fusion issue, but it’s certainly good to see what could have been. It’s a shame that this prototype will never reach the market.

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