Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo revealed, available in Gran Turismo 7 next month

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo revealed, available in Gran Turismo 7 next month

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo revealed, available in Gran Turismo 7 next month

At the Gran Turismo World Series finals last weekend, Ferrari unveiled a new car created exclusively for the “world of virtual motorsport”.

The Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo is a concept car designed with no limitations and will be added to Gran Turismo 7 in December.

Like many other VGT creations, the designers are wild. Of course, there are hints and DNA of the Wild Horse’s heritage, and you can even see some of the design cues from the latest Ferrari Daytona SP3 (which in turn takes cues from older Ferraris from the ’60s and ‘ 70) if you squint hard enough. but it is definitely… daring. The bulbous fenders and that sharp, pointy rectangle that makes up the brake lights (which stick out longer and wider than the actual rear wing) are really something you’ll only do if there are no restrictions in place.

Thought-provoking design aside, the car is powered by the same power unit that powers the Ferrari 499P, the new Hypercar class machine that will run in next year’s World Endurance Championship claiming overall victory. At least this is grounded in reality and could lead to a Gr.1 spec Ferrari VGT in the future. Although fans of the game would rather have the Ferrari 499P, we think.

Vision Gran Turismo is a collaborative project that started when Gran Turismo 6 launched where real car brands are asked to design their ideal version of a GT car with no limitations. Most of them have appeared in wild designs like many concept cars that were only designed for auto shows, but some later evolved into actual production cars. The Bugatti VGT inspired the Chiron, and recently McLaren unveiled the McLaren Solus GT, a look more closely based on their McLaren GT.

The Ferrari VGT will be added on December 23rd, likely to coincide with Gran Turismo 7’s monthly update. This month’s update it’s live now.

However, players can get their hands on the car early. If you get in the game right now (before December 4th) and on the Spectator Campaign banner, you can answer a quiz based on recent GT World Series and get the car early. If you’re looking for a quick answer, the pollster was Takuma Miyazono.

Source: Grand Touring

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