Fieldsheer MW Connect app provides user control of phone heating clothing

Fieldsheer MW Connect app provides user control of phone heating clothing

Fieldsheer, the maker of temperature-controlled clothing, has enhanced its MW Connect app with new features to easily pair and use phone heating clothing.

The Fieldsheer MW Connect app allows owners to control their company’s Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Warming Technology apparel using a mobile device(s). After pairing and syncing the device(s) with the Fieldsheer apparel, users can perform various functions, including adjusting individual heat levels, getting real-time battery level updates and registering their products to improve the overall experience.

Key features include:

  • add and manage an unlimited number of hot clothes;
  • Automatic detection of clothes for faster preparation;
  • Bluetooth clothing pairing with secure two-factor authentication;
  • Users choose between several MW garments by swiping left or right through the connected garments;
  • customize MW clothing by naming or changing the featured image;
  • An easy-to-use carousel that displays all connected clothes, as well as any clothes available for delivery; And the
  • Barcode scanning for product registration.

According to Patrick Deegan, Director of E-Commerce and Marketing, adding the increased functionality to the MW Connect app was an important step in helping users improve the performance of their phone warmers.

“Using Mobile Warming, we have created a range of hot clothing that has been very popular,” said Deegan. “Part of this success is due to the quality of the apparel, but it also comes from the ease of use and functionality of the MW Connect app that controls it. While we are always looking to improve the actual apparel, we know that improving the app is just as important in increasing overall customer satisfaction with the product. We are on I am confident that these new features will achieve this goal.”

For more product information, go over here.

Photo courtesy of Feldshire

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