Find out about changes to specialty medicines populated in the TRICARE pharmacy network > TRICARE newsroom > Articles

Find out about changes to specialty medicines populated in the TRICARE pharmacy network > TRICARE newsroom > Articles

Find out about changes to specialty medicines populated in the TRICARE pharmacy network > TRICARE newsroom > Articles

Did you know that changes are coming to specialty medications filled through TRICARE Pharmacies Network? As of January 1, Accredo will be the main pharmacy within the network to fill specialty medicines in the TRICARE network of pharmacy. If you are currently filling your specialty medication in a Retail Network PharmacyYou can transfer your specialty medications to Accredo now to avoid disruptions to your medication treatment.

So what is it specialty drugs? Specialized medications treat complex, long-term conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, and cancer. Specialized medications are usually given self-administered, by injection, or orally. Sometimes they may require clinical training to manage and may require special handling and refrigerated storage.

“Specialty medications are essential to many of the beneficiaries we serve,” said Lt. Col. Melissa Yates, Pharmacist, Division of Pharmacy Operations at Tricare. “Updates to the TRICARE pharmacy network will give military families, dealing with complex and chronic health conditions, more support in managing their drug therapy.”

Read the Q&A to learn more about the changes you can expect with Network Pharmacy.

Q: Will I have to change my pharmacy if I don’t get my specialty medication from Accredo Specialty Pharmacy?
a: To avoid overpaying out of your own pocket, you should go to a specialized pharmacy in the network. Be sure to act on or before January 1, 2023.

The network of TRICARE pharmacies where you can get specialty medicines will include:

  • Accredo specialty pharmacies
  • Some specialty pharmacies for retail sale
  • Trekker Pharmacy Home Delivery
  • Military pharmacies

Q: How are special drugs defined or identified?
a: TRICARE will continue to identify and maintain specialty medicines List of specialty care drugs. You will also still be able to search for your medicines and see where they are available using TRICARE Prescription Finder. Be sure to check our Specialty Drugs List and Checkout Tool for updates after January 1st.

Q: Can I use TRICARE Pharmacy’s home delivery service after January to get my medicines delivered?
a: Yes, but Trekker Pharmacy Home Delivery You may not store your specialty medications. check the TRICARE Prescription Finder or call express scripts To see if a home delivery service supplies you with the medication. If you are currently receiving your specialty medications through home delivery, you can stay at that pharmacy. You don’t need to make any changes.

Q: Will my co-payments change?
a: If you move your specialist property from home delivery To Accredo, your co-payments will change. you will pay Retail Network Pharmacy joint payments. If you switch from a retail network pharmacy to Accredo, your co-payments will remain the same. Discounts may still apply. If you fill your specialty medicines in military pharmacy Or with TRICARE Pharmacy home delivery, nothing will change for you.

The Fact Sheet Overview of the TRICARE Pharmacy Program It states that pharmacy costs depend on who you are, the class of medication prescribed, and where you fill the prescription. You can view your current Pharmacy subscriptions on the TRICARE website.

Q: How do I switch to Accredo?
a: To fill in your specialty medication at Accredo, log in or register online at You can also call acrido at 1-877-882-3324. A patient care attorney will work with you and your doctor to get a new prescription sent to Accredo. Since Accredo is part of the pharmacy network at the moment, you can transfer your specialty medication before January 1st. Moving now will help avoid disruptions and increase out-of-pocket costs if you use Off-network pharmacy.

If you need help finding a pharmacy to fill your medication, visit express scripts. To learn more about TRICARE coverage for specialty drugs, go to Covered Services page.

TRICARE retail pharmacy network changed on October 24; Learn about the changes.

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