First Look: Race Face’s Era Carbon Cranks Are Guaranteed for Life

First Look: Race Face’s Era Carbon Cranks Are Guaranteed for Life

First Look: Race Face’s Era Carbon Cranks Are Guaranteed for Life

An era is defined as a long and distinctive period in history around notable events, often based on industrial advances, which fits the latest designation of Race Face’s carbon crankset. Carbon cranks are designed for everything from cross-country to enduro, depending on the strength-to-weight ratio.

The combination of black fibers and metals used in the ERA crank makes it Race Face’s “strongest, stiffest and most durable design,” a claim backed by a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty. It also covers you against the crankshaft going into the ground in an accident or misjudging gap distances. In their own words, “They designed the ERA to be the last carbon crank you need to buy.”

Race Face Era crank details

• Crank arm lengths: 165, 170, 175 mm
• Shaft: 136mm long x 30mm diameter
• Material: carbon arms, steel wear plate, 7050 aluminum shaft
• Lifetime warranty (original owner)
• Weight: 483g/ 32T, axle and hardware
• Price: $500 USD / $650 CAD / 489 EUR

At 483 grams, the Eras come in under the weight of Race Face’s current enduro-focused Next R crankset and feature a stainless steel plate to eliminate wear through layers of carbon wrapped around the arm in the high-friction shoe area.

There is no shortage of options even with the crank. You can choose from seven graphic colors on either side of the crank arms, but all of them use a bright raw steel plate. The $500 USD price tag comes with a choice of eight colors for the axle, spacers, and crankset.


In addition to choosing your color-matched crank boots, the arms themselves come in three standard lengths; 165, 170 and 175 mm. Race Face worked to reduce the Q-factor of the crank, the width the arm protrudes from the BB shell to the outside of the pedal thread, which should also help reduce abrasion on that steel plate. The total Q-factor is 176 mm, like the Next R.

Along with the release of the Era crank, there’s also a new 55mm Direct Mount Wide (DMW) chain, specifically for Shimano 12-speed chainrings, which joins the future Cinch system.


Cranks built to “last your bike” are strong words. Going forward, Race Face’s newly implemented lifetime warranty now covers most of its components against any failure caused by riding, including accidents. This only covers the original owner and excludes poor mechanical skills or inattentive riders, meaning don’t cross pedal the cranks or ride the bike and expect to receive a replacement.

If you take a jump or a tomahawk down the road, Race Face will cover those broken components under that warranty policy and send you a new set at no charge. You can also set up the claim yourself online or through a shop, no matter if it’s an aftermarket purchase or a Race Face component fitted to your bike.

We will be doing a long term review of the ERA crank over the winter and will be back with an update to see how they fared in the wet conditions of the PNW.

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