French agency warns World Cup fans against buying mobile phones for Qatar apps – POLITICO

French agency warns World Cup fans against buying mobile phones for Qatar apps – POLITICO

If you are going to Qatar for the World Cup, you better get a burning phone. And do not take any photos that may conflict with the strict ethics laws of the Gulf state.

France’s data protection authority CNIL is telling football fans how they should protect themselves from intrusion by World Cup apps in Qatar.

“Ideally, you can travel with an empty smartphone…or an old phone that has been reset,” a CNIL spokesperson told POLITICO.

“Special care should be taken with photos, videos or digital works that can put you in difficulty with regard to the legislation of the country being visited,” the spokesperson said.

Nearly 1.5 million visitors is expected In Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup from November 20 to December 18. The sporting event was filled with controversy, including allegations of bribery and corruption, exploitative working conditions, and concerns about how the Gulf state treats LGBT people and media freedom.

Foreigners visiting the country are wanted To download two mobile apps – the official Hayya World Cup app and the Covid-tracking Ehteraz app.

Experts have classified applications as a form of spyware because they you will save Qatari authorities have extensive access to people’s data as well as the ability to read, delete or change content and even make direct calls.

“It is not my duty to give travel advice, but I personally will not bring my mobile phone on a visit to Qatar,” said Norwegian Radio’s security chief. Norwegian broadcaster NRK. The country’s data protection authority is also expected to advise travel enthusiasts to install the apps on a burner phone.

For football fans who don’t have a blank phone, France’s CNIL has other tips to reduce the impact of spyware.

The Data Protection Authority recommends that travelers install the app only before departure and delete it once they return to France. They are also encouraged to “restrict online communication to services that require authentication to a strict minimum”, keep their smartphone with them at all times and have a strong password.

Football fans should also “limit system licenses to those absolutely necessary”.

according to CNIL . Map For privacy rules around the world, Qatar has some kind of framework, but the European Union does not recognize it as offering similar protections compared to the block’s main data protection rulebook.

Other European regulators also have concerns about country applications.

A spokesperson for the Commissioner told POLITICO that the German Foreign Ministry, the Federal Office for Information Security and the Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information are looking into both applications.

Delegates traveling to attend the international climate summit in Egypt this week have also been warned against implementing COP27 It is an electronic weapon.

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