Gboard redesign refreshes and cleans up emoji picker

Gboard redesign refreshes and cleans up emoji picker

For some, if not most, Gboard’s emoji picker is probably one of the most used interfaces on their phones, and Google is redesigning it today.

This modest redesign applies to all of Gboard’s emotive features with a top bar that includes a back button, a page name, and a grain-shaped search field, which appears mostly in the same fixed position as before.

The All tab is unchanged, while Emoji gets the bulk of the upgrades. Namely, the circular Emoji Kitchen library now appears below this top bar and appears less attached, especially for something like this Frequently used feature. As such, the search and category picker are the first thing in the panel.

Moving on, the Stickers top bar is now less cluttered thanks to this redesign, while the GIF and Icons tabs benefit from the consistency of the user interface. Gboard has also updated the search and results user interface with the same design principles.

Gboard redesign

One strange issue we encountered was the lack of an “ABC” button in the lower left corner to quickly return to the keyboard. This only happened to one user and requires them to go back to the character keys by clicking the top left back button. It’s a rather glaring change that greatly affects muscle memory. We hope that Gboard will keep ABC’s position/behaviour unchanged.

A redesign of Gboard’s emoji picker is appearing to many beta users this morning, but it’s not yet widely rolled out.

Gboard today

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