Get Demon’s Souls for $30 now

Get Demon’s Souls for $30 now

Demon’s Souls, a remake of the 2009 game of the same name and a PS5 launch title, is available now for $30 at Amazon and Best Buy.

Like many other Black Friday PlayStation deals, this is the lowest we’ve seen Demon’s Souls go on sale. It was released in 2020 and has been discounted periodically since then. The lowest the physical edition has ever dropped to, so far, has been around $40.

For those looking to experience the full range of Soulsborne games, Demon’s Souls is a remake of the first Souls game. IN GameSpot’s Demon’s Souls review, critic Tamoor Hussain praised the game for its faithful adaptation of a classic game and technical skills. “There’s a lot to praise about the Demon’s Souls remake. It’s an incredible technical showcase for PlayStation 5,” said Hussain. “A captivating gaming experience that oscillates between thrilling, nerve-wracking and heartbreaking; and a faithful recreation of the seminal title that spawned the Souls-like subgenre.”

Other PlayStation games on sale include Gotham Knights, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s CutAND Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.

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