Get ghost in training achievement and secure code

Get ghost in training achievement and secure code

Get ghost in training achievement and secure code

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIThe campaign heats up in the second half with narrative plots, fascinating characters, and more engaging levels Which game do you start with first. Mission 11, “El Sin Nombre,” is one of the highlights, and it has some challenges and secrets if you wish.

At this point in the story, our heroes need to get some information from a Mexican cartel. You’ll play Soap as he sits in an interrogation sequence before he has a chance to infiltrate or make his way through Federation headquarters in an attempt to capture their boss, El Sin Nombre. It’s up to you how you want to play, but the game will reward you with a “Ghost in Training” achievement if you slip through the level without killing anyone or being spotted.

The level also contains one of three locked campaign vaults. Obtaining tokens and unlocking all three is required to achieve “Gentleman Thief”. Inside are some silenced weapons that will help you continue your way in the quiet carnage, but there are a few other fun things to keep an eye on in Mission 11.

This guide will help you sneak through the complex without being spotted and the network of this stealth-based feat. I will also lead you to the locked safe, as well as a pair of elegant weapons.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is much easier to get the “Ghost in Training” achievement and find the locked security in separate playing periods. Stealth is the challenge in this game, especially at this level. The more time you spend on the map, the more likely you are to get caught and destroy your chance to snatch the achievement. Modern Warfare II He’s also very motivating and happy with checkpoints, so you may find that the game will save progress before you’re actually ready or past the point of no return. You can’t memorize either of them manually, so a fumbled stealth will result in the need to restart the mission (thereby sitting through the entire interrogation scene again).

How to earn stealth in training

You are asked to accomplish “Ghost in Training” Access to the penthouse in the “Sun Number” without issuing any alarms or killing anyone. Standard stealth challenge items.

Fortunately, you have an almost direct shot to the shed once the interrogation scene is over and Alejandro hands you a mask and knife. You don’t even need to bother looking for a Diego key card. Moreover, trying to get this key card will pretty much guarantee that you will need to kill someone. Getting it all done in one game without killing anyone is something only the fiercest of hounds can achieve here – especially given those checkpoints. You need to define this expectation for yourself.

Take this road directly from the lift.
GIF: Activision / Kotaku

Once you exit the elevator, turn to your left and cross the house. Go past the spiral staircase where the guard is watching. Exit to the parking area where there are a few cars parked and a tiger statue in Diego’s fountain and garage. The garage has some pretty cool stuff, but for the “Ghost in Training” achievement, going there will only make things harder for you. Do not take the bottles, which you can throw away as a diversion. They are on the right side of the garage facing the building.

Facing the palace with your back to the tiger statue, hop on top of the SUV and then jump onto the roof of the garage. Watch out for the sniper guard overlooking the area. At higher difficulties, it will detect you faster. If bouncing back to a checkpoint is OK, be prepared to pause and reload the second spotted so you don’t accidentally trigger a checkpoint. Once you reach the garage roof, get down and crawl toward the house. You’ll want to hang left and then head up to a ladder on your right, which will take you to the rooftop. I recommend staying prone until you reach the ladder.

Take this path to the surface. Crawl as far as possible.
GIF: Activision / Kotaku

On the surface, three guards are making things difficult. Two snipers will go out to the edge of the roof on opposite sides, but they don’t stay there for long and have good peripheral vision. You can throw the bottles to keep them in these areas for a little longer, but be careful not to accidentally throw them over the surface, which will not distract anyone. The third guard is in the center of the roof. Difficult. You don’t want to throw a bottle behind him, because that’s where you want to go to finish the job. If you run out of bottles, the deck has a few, but grabbing them may time your movements carefully.

All that said, there are several ways to bypass the tri-roof. One strategy is to go forward (bending to maintain speed and falling when in danger of being spotted) to the fence overlooking the city, then right toward the ladder. There is a good chance of falling this way. You might get lucky to throw a bottle to your far left when out on the roof to keep one sniper ranger occupied, then cut it off at the sun roof; throw a bottle directly at the railing overlooking the city to distract the center guard; Then slide behind the bar, head into town, and turn right under the roof to get to the ladder.

This is one of the most reliable paths to take on the surface. Don’t miss the two bottle throws to help keep the guards busy. One on the left and one on the right.
GIF: Activision / Kotaku

Once you reach the top, Alejandro will somehow be waiting for you. (I have no idea how he got there so easily; let’s not get bogged down in plot holes.)

Now it’s time to get off the elevator, lower the car to the third floor, park the car, and knock on the emergency door. Head down that lane a bit and if you don’t get spotted and don’t kill anyone, you’ll see the achievement.

congratulations! You’ve surreptitiously made your way to the shed and are now ready to shoot fast with some El Sin Nombre’s men, before capturing the crime boss herself.

Games, secrets and security code in “El Sin Nombre”

Running anywhere but the first floor of the palace is a recipe for disaster. But if you want to enter the shed via a keycard, as Alejandro recommends, you’ll need to head to the second floor.

Remember, you don’t have any of your usual military equipment here, so even on normal difficulty, things can get messy quickly. Let’s go over some stealth basics for “El Sin Nombre”.

Alejandro will give you a knife as soon as you get off the elevator, but remember: if you kill anyone here, you won’t be able to get the “Ghost In Training” feat. If you’re just looking to stay cool and don’t care (or really have) the achievement, know that the knife will quietly remove any guard, even from the front with a melee attack. But keep in mind three things: You can’t hide corpses, there’s no way to take down a non-lethal guard And the Other guards will call to check in on the absent patrolmen. So if you kill anyone, you are in lost time before someone finds a body. If you don’t want to shoot and kill someone, it’s time to rush to get the key card on the second floor, or make your way to the rooftop where you can get to the shed.

If you’re at risk of being spotted, you’ll hear a “swollen” sound and see a yellow indicator at the top of the HUD screen. You can only hide small arms like pistols, so if you’re running around any other pistol, the guards will shoot right away. Lying down will reduce your chances of being seen, and you may find some tables to hide under. A number of the doors have windows that you can peek into, but the guards can see you just as easily as they can see. Also, corner-mounting with an alternate weapon is convenient enough for staring around a corner.

The first floor is mostly open to you, but if anyone sees you entering the garage, you are in trouble. However, you should definitely take a peek inside as there are some fun weapons out there. I recommend using the side entrance to the garage, not the door from inside the house. A guard will come through the door of the house, but it is easy to hide from him.

Inside the garage you will see an armory. You’ll have to kill the guard inside to gain access to a number of hidden weapons, including a concealed pistol and a bow that looks pretty cool. I know you’ll want this crossbow, but believe me, it’s hard to use well on this map as you have to reload every time you shoot. And if you want to take down more than one guard without being spotted, this is not an easy task.

Diego’s key card is in a room on the second floor from the left side of the mansion, assuming you’re facing the city the building overlooks. Be prepared to fight if you can enter through the double doors decorated with skeletons. For a bit of a sequential path, hop over the fence to the right of the double doors and sneak up until you find an open window.

Once you’ve dealt with Diego and the guard accompanying him, hold the key card at the altar. And don’t miss the elegantly decorated silent revolver in the open cabinet on the wall parallel to the altar. This, however, is not the closed treasury that will count in the achievement of the “Noble Thief”. Therefore, you will need to head to the other side of the building.

You are looking for a bedroom on the right side of the house if you are facing the city down the mountain. The safe is located to the right of the bed in the closet. Find the code by looking at the panel on your left side as you enter. It is in the form of a date: 02-02-19.

Inside you’ll find a dead-end rifle and some body armor.

Valeria tends to question the player.

The scene of Valeria’s interrogation answers

At the beginning of the mission, you will pass a mostly written interrogation scene where you will meet One of the best non-player characters in the game, Valeria.

Before questioning, Alejandro warns you to “tell them everything”. This can actually be a bit of a challenge if you don’t pay enough attention to the story to see which military group is fighting with any other group of men with armor and guns.

You can’t get away with lying to Valeria too much. It will call your trick quickly and it will fire a bullet inside you if you push your luck, causing the game to end.

Answer her questions with the following choices:

  • When you ask who attacked her family, answer: mexican special forces.
  • When you ask who works with special forces, answer: American PMC Corporation. shadow company.
  • When you ask for a name for the Shadow Company, answer: Philip Graves
  • Any answer to what Graves wants will suffice. They are all more or less healthy.

“El Sin Nombre” is one of the best moments Modern Warfare II. There is a lot of freedom as to how you want to play it, and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the game’s opening missions. Having to buy your own weapons and plan your moves is a fun hidden challenge, and you’ll be rewarded with achievement if you can do it without any warnings or injuries.

Stealth sequences in first person perspective can be challenging (imagine a campaign absentee form!), but stick to the advice here and you’ll get rid of some webs that will make even Solid Snake a little jealous.

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