Ghost spotting on the coast runway

Ghost spotting on the coast runway

Halloween may be over, but paranormal activity can happen anywhere, anytime.

Are there ghosts lurking in the amphitheater of the coast?

Some employees seem to think so.

Brian Butler, the circuit’s director of information technology, had a security video to back up his claims that the Colosseum is haunted.

“I saw shadows all over the property on the security cameras,” Butler said. “There was a ball of light some call orbs that came from the ceiling and moved around the table as if it was moving from chair to chair and then came and floated and stopped right in front of me and then shot off into my body.”

Butler isn’t the only one.

Overnight security personnel describe the experience of apparitions, shadows and hearing disembodied voices in the plaza, convention center and outside.

After watching an episode of Ghost Hunters in the summer of 2021, Butler contacted the nationally recognized TV show for proof of the paranormal.

“I sent an email, and I sent some videos of different things that we captured on the security system,” Butler said.

The Ghost Hunters responded and began their investigation.

“They put cameras everywhere, and they had different devices to measure electromagnetic fields.”

“Ghost Hunters are so scientific and they wouldn’t be here to believe they’re here to prove it right or wrong,” said Michael Minningman, associate executive director at the Colosseum.

The Colosseum was built in 1977, but what was on the ground before the beach front facility?

“The history of the land before the Colosseum in the ’70s and that it was an orphanage and before that was part of Jeff Davis’ house, that was across the street.”

Although Minningmann did not experience superhuman energy personally, it was important to know the intent.

“If there is paranormal activity in this building, it is not demonic, it is not negative energy, if anything we coexist,” Minningman said.

If you want to watch the episode, check out the Travel Channel on Saturday, November 12 at 6 p.m. or on Discovery Plus Streaming.

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