GOODBYE WORLD brings boy-inspired game development to Switch this month

GOODBYE WORLD brings boy-inspired game development to Switch this month

The Indie World Showcase threw a lot of great-looking titles our way, and it was one of the titles that really stood out for us. And call out to the worldwhich launches on Switch later this month.

ISOLATION STUDIO and PM Studios, Inc. The game mode is looking forward to ticking a lot of boxes for us. It’s got friendship, it has classic pixel art aesthetics, and it’s got nods to the game development grind. Combine it all with the fact that in-game development is happening for a device that looks suspiciously like the Game Boy that you can play (At this point, we’ll be taking the GB emulator on Switch any way we can) and you can consider us intrigued enough.

The game will see you follow programmer/game designer Kani, and graphic designer/screenwriter Kumade, two independent game developers going through a creative dip as they attempt to work on their second title. We don’t know for sure yet, but we’re expecting waves of tension (the good kind of course) as you’ll have to balance development time with action time – obviously leaving room for some nostalgia-filled time as the game was born.

For a closer look at the story of GOODBYE WORLD and its detailed pixel art, check out the following game switcher eShop page:

Programmer Kanii and graphic artist Kumade are two friends who met in college.
After graduation, they created independent games together, but life has been rough so far; Their games don’t sell, and they spend most of their time working part-time to make ends meet…
While Kanye is desperately trying to find a way to make a product that sells, Kumade makes a decision

As for any specific release date or price, well, we’re not too sure about that yet. Currently listed as arriving on Switch “later this month,” you can be sure we’ll have more details in the coming weeks.

What do you think of Goodbye World? Let us know at the usual place!

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