Google Doodle Halloween 2022: How to play

Google Doodle Halloween 2022: How to play

Google Doodle Halloween 2022: How to play

Google’s latest festive doodle game, The Great Ghoul Duel, is a spooky sequel to 2018’s Halloween doodles

The grand ghoul duel is the revenge of 2018 HalloweenGoogle’s fun With new features, it is now available to play. players from EuropeAnd North and South America, Australia and Southeast Asia have access to doodles through The Google cloud platform. The new version of the game features more tricks, power-ups, new characters and maps.

Great Ghoul Duel 2022

What is Halloween Google Doodle 2022?

This year’s Halloween doodle is The Great Ghoul Duel, a sequel to the 2018 Doodle, which was the first ever interactive multiplayer game doodle. Players from all over the world can join teams of four to compete in the Capture the Flag style game.

The game sees each team compete to collect the most spirit fire and return it to their base in 2 minutes. The team with the most soulfires collected at the end of the game wins.

How to play Halloween Google Doodle 2022?

To start the game, visit the Google homepage and click the doodle – you will then have the option to play through a tutorial or start the game. You can play live with random players from all over the world or host your own game. If you choose to host the game, you will be given a link that you can share with your friends so they can access the game.

Games have two teams of up to four in each, with a maximum of eight players in total. You can move your character across the map using the arrow keys or the mouse, and the goal is to collect the flames by touching them.

The green team steals eight spiritual fires from the purple team

You can steal flames from players on the opposite team by calling their tail – but they can also steal yours. To extinguish the flames you have collected, return to your base with them, then set out to collect more. By touching a huge flame character, you can get 10 spiritual flames.

During the game, there will be opportunities to get power-ups such as speed, night vision and magnetic boosters by quickly returning to base. There are also a lot of achievements to unlock various games.

What achievements can you unlock in The Great Ghoul Duel?

There are 16 achievements that you can unlock across many of the game’s plays, and they include:

  • Top Wizard’s Hat – Collect the most Soul Flames in one game
  • Fruit Fest – Steal the most soul fire in one game
  • Toboggan Time – Collect the biggest flames in one game
  • Jovial Jester – Collect 1000 Spiritual Flames
  • Ghostly Wig – Collect 5000 Spiritual Flames
  • Another antenna – steal 250 soul flames
  • Deep Sea Tricorne – Steal 1000 Spiritual Flames
  • Lantern o ‘Jack – Collect 10 huge flames
  • Momo Thinking Hat – Collect 30 massive flames
  • Fun and imaginative – win 5 games
  • Knight’s Helm of Honor – Win 35 matches
  • Newbie Beanie – Play 10 Games
  • Flower Topper – Play 50 Games
  • Ordinary Rhino – Collect 150 Spiritual Flames in one game
  • Witch’s Brim – Collect 200 spiritual fires in one game
  • Royal Crown – Collect the most flames in five consecutive matches

How do you access Google Doodle Games?

The Great Ghoul Duel was available on the Google homepage during Halloween but was removed on November 1. However, you can still access the game in the Google Doodle Archive, where you’ll also find previous doodles and interactive games.

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