Google puts an end to Google Hangouts once and for all • TechCrunch

Google puts an end to Google Hangouts once and for all • TechCrunch

Google puts an end to Google Hangouts once and for all • TechCrunch

Finally, Google Hangouts is launched, a text, video and voice chat app built into Gmail close today. as such announce Earlier this year, Google switched Hangouts users to Google Chat, its Slack-like instant messaging app for businesses.

As of today, November 1, the Google Hangouts web app is no longer available. These were the last Hangouts available to users. Android and iOS apps discontinued in July of this year.

The death of Hangouts is arguably slow, as Google has allowed users to go to chat In 2021. The company announced in June 2022 that it would require Hangout users to go to chat in Gmail or the app.

While most messages and contacts will be transferred automatically, not all data will be migrated to Google Chat. The company notes that users should use Google Takeout to download and save a copy of their data. Users have until January 2023 to keep their Hangouts data.

Hangouts It started as a feature on Google+ before you become a standalone app. It was a message service 5 billion downloads in the Google Play Store.

While Chat can never completely replace Hangouts, it does provide additional features for group chats as well as security and collaboration tools like distances and edit documents, presentations, or spreadsheets along with other users. Chat users can also send GIFs and use @mentions to notify someone in the group.

Google has said earlier Chat is a better way for users to communicate with others. Back in June, Google Chat Product Manager, Ravi Caniganti Written in an official blog“As we take this latest step to bring remaining Hangouts users into chat, we hope users will appreciate our continued investment in making Chat a powerful place to create and collaborate.”

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