Hello, I am the newest Senior Editor at Kotaku

Hello, I am the newest Senior Editor at Kotaku

Hello, I am the newest Senior Editor at Kotaku

Moira from Overwatch 2 summons an orb while looking wildly.

It’s me, Moira in Monitor 2 It pumps you a lot of healing juice.
picture: Blizzard

Hello, I’m Alyssa. I’m the newest senior editor here at Good ol’ my box, you may have already confirmed the address. But did you know I’m Italian too? Don’t worry, I ask it out often and you’ll soon be convinced that pure tomato sauce runs through my veins.

Before this party, I was an editor at GamesRadar For just over three years, with the past year focused almost entirely on writing feature lengths, previews, and interviews. GamesRadar where did you go A drink to drink with Geralt of Riviainterviewed the team behind The first trans woman character in Apex LegendsAnd the Constantly mocking and complaining Monitor 2. Prior to that, I was the co-editor of an interactive content blog for a company called Ceros. Prior to that, she obtained a Master’s degree in Contemporary Literature from Newcastle University, where my message It set a quirky, cross-driving indie game action that simulates the action of the queercore villain of the ’90s.

My goal here at my box It is to convince the whole team that playing upside down on a console makes more sense when human anatomy is taken into account. Apart from that, I would also like to help shape the voices of our younger writers, produce thought-provoking and engaging content that teaches readers without compromise (I’m too passionate and bad at math to be transcendent), highlight more specialized fields and subcultures in this beautiful weird game world, and contribute to it my boxReputation as a reliable and revered source of news in this ever-changing industry. my box My turn was a pie in the sky, and now I eat!

In my spare time, you’ll find me getting excited about the three rescue cats Radgie, Riot and Hellboy as I play Monitor 2And the Apex LegendsAnd the Call of duty, and other shooters who raise my blood pressure in a flimsy attempt to recreate the wins and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football. I’m a regular shooter, so I’ll never approach my fellow players with a supremacy compound – unless we’re talking about the treatments I’m pumping when I was Moira in Monitor 2Then I’d be superior like a damn, so why am I pumping 15,000 healings and you can’t get any kills like Sojourn!?

Anyway, I also unabashedly adore frivolous reality TV like everyone Real Housewives franchise business, love is blindAnd the Gordy beachAnd the Rescue BarWhich might be my favorite thing to watch when I’m alone in a hotel room on business trips. I am a huge fan of the New York Rangers and support USWNT with blind love.

I can’t wait to show you what I’m made of (pasta).

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