Help with Heating Bills Available to Eligible Families in New York State

Help with Heating Bills Available to Eligible Families in New York State

Help with Heating Bills Available to Eligible Families in New York State

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New Yorkers who need help paying their heating bills can apply for home heating assistance now.

The Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as HEAP, could provide up to $976 this winter to help low- and middle-income families and senior citizens keep their homes warm and defray high energy costs . Application opened on Tuesday, November 1.

The program is federally funded, overseen by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Eligible households can receive one regular benefit per season and may also be eligible for emergency benefits if they are at risk of running out of heating fuel or shutting down their utility service. Applications for emergency benefits will be accepted from January 3, 2023.

Eligible homeowners and renters can receive up to $976 in heating assistance based on their income, household size, how they heat their home, and if there is a vulnerable family member. A family of four can have a maximum gross monthly income of $5,485 or an annual gross income of $65,829, and still be eligible for benefits.

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As the cold days of fall and winter begin, you may be trying to think of ways to lower your energy bill this winter. Here are four affordable ways you should try to keep warm this winter. Layering Up Wearing more layers is the cheapest and easiest way to heat without turning on the heating. Stop Drafts Identify and block any drafts in your home to keep heat from escaping. Stay active Getting up and moving will help you feel warmer because it helps your body produce its own heat. Check Your Radiators Be sure to bleed your radiators to make sure they run as efficiently as possible so you don’t use more energy than necessary. Placing foil behind your radiators can also maximize the amount of heat they produce.

The value of regular HEAP benefits has been increased due to the higher heating cost forecast for this winter. Benefits for households heating with oil, kerosene or propane were increased by 33 percent; 21 percent for homes heated with wood, wood pellets, coal or corn; and 14 percent for homes that heat with electricity or natural gas.

Applications for assistance are accepted at local departments of social services, in person or by telephone, with funding provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Residents outside New York City may also Online Application To benefit regular heating aid.

According to a news release, about 1.7 million HEAP benefits were issued last winter, the most in at least the past five years. Similar demands for assistance are expected again this winter.

Assistance is also now available to help eligible homeowners if their primary heating equipment is unsafe or not working and their furnace or boiler needs to be repaired or replaced. Benefit amounts through the HEAP Heating Appliance Repair and Replacement program are based on the actual cost to repair or replace necessary heating equipment—up to $4,000 for repairs and up to $8,000 for replacements. The maximum amount was also increased from the previous year due to higher cost of labor and material.

Eligible homeowners can now apply for the HEAP Heating Appliance Clean & Tune benefit to keep their home’s primary heat source operating at peak efficiency. Applicants for these benefits should contact their local social services department for more information.

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