Here’s a look at every confirmed PSVR 2 title announced so far

Here’s a look at every confirmed PSVR 2 title announced so far

Here’s a look at every confirmed PSVR 2 title announced so far

This week, Sony announced the release date and expensive From the new virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR2.

As a custom helmet head, I thought Sony would aim for a price point somewhere around that of the PS5, so the numbers you quoted as pre-order prices didn’t shock me too much. she is gone Hands-on on PSVR 2 In retrospect, so I know it’s a quality kit, and with the Sense controls added in the package, that high price tag seemed right to me.

However, what didn’t suit me well was the fact that the basic PSVR 2 bundle looks like it doesn’t contain any games. At the time of writing, Sony hasn’t said anything about a PlayStation VR Worlds demo disc or download code that’s included in the base bundle package as it was with the original PSVR. With the understandable but disappointing lack of backward compatibility for the original PSVR library, this can only be considered a negative for any potential new adopters of the technology.

How can Sony expect to attract a new audience to PSVR 2 if it is so expensive And the There are hardly any games to play on at launch? This was one of the questions the Eurogamer news team asked when I joined them the news This week, honestly, it was a good question.

So far, the only officially announced launch titles are the PSVR 2 exclusive, Horizon: Call of the Mountain and an updated port of Quest 2, Cities VR: Enhanced Edition. This is hardly a lineup worth risking close to £600 if I decide to buy a Horizon package so I thought to myself, ‘What else? Do Does PSVR 2 Work Now? “

Here are 13 of the most confirmed and wanted PSVR 2 games. These are of high quality and will help you get your money’s worth out of the headset.

That’s where this week’s episode of VR Corner comes in, which you can watch on the video player at the top of this page. There are 47 confirmed PSVR 2 games in development for headphones right now, and this should give you an idea of ​​what’s coming to PSVR 2 sometime in the future (and not just shooter games this time around, I promise).

Of course, the quality of these 47 games varies. Some of them were recently announced as PSVR 2 exclusives as Rush of Blood’s sequel, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, while others look like the generic VR scoop.

If you also include the 13 high-quality games I included in the embedded video in two paragraphs above those words, that brings the number of confirmed PSVR 2 titles so far around 60. That’s a pretty decent number if you ask, especially since I hope that number strengthens as we get closer to PSVR 1 game developers release to announce PSVR 2 updates to their titles.

So, while the future of PSVR 2 may not look as bright as it could at present in terms of playable launch titles, there is hope for a roaring library ahead. Hey, at least it will give you time to save some cash if you decide to wait until there are some actual games to play on!

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