Here’s how the Pixel 7 accidentally killed your OnePlus 10T

Here’s how the Pixel 7 accidentally killed your OnePlus 10T

Here’s how the Pixel 7 accidentally killed your OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T is a weird phone, and I haven’t really taken it When I first reviewed it At the end of September. Since I’m willing to revisit the 10T to see if the time is right for this, I had to swap out my SIM from a phone that will cause more OnePlus phone problems: Google Pixel 7.

After using them side by side for a day, the question becomes is there anything about the OnePlus 10T that should convince you to buy it over the Pixel 7?

The importance of good design

Here’s how the Pixel 7 accidentally killed your OnePlus 10T
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Appearances have never been an issue for the OnePlus 10T, and that hasn’t changed even when compared to the Pixel 7. The 10T’s design aptly reminds us of superiority OnePlus 10 Pro, with some of Oppo’s cutting edge manufacturing techniques put to good use. The way the camera module blends into the back panel is very attractive and straightforward Oppo Find X5 Pro. It is a good looking phone.

However, the plastic body looks and feels cheap, especially compared to the Pixel 7’s metallic body and high-gloss back panel. Take a look at one of the images in the gallery below to determine how the OnePlus 10T actually picked up scratches, explaining why it’s a mark of the phone.

Even in a boring black, the Pixel 7 is great to look at, and the eyebrow-like camera module is a standout design feature like the 10T’s camera module. The two phones are also different, with the longer OnePlus phone being easier to manage with one hand, but it looks less expensive and not as modern as the Pixel 7.

The OnePlus 10T’s fingerprint sensor and face unlock are faster, as is the charging speed. Connect OnePlus 10T to the included charger, and the battery will reach 100% in 20 minutes; The Pixel 7 takes more than three times that to reach its maximum capacity. I like the way the Pixel 7 looks and feels, but it doesn’t match the charging speed of the OnePlus 10T, which makes it one of the main (and only) reasons why someone would choose it over the Pixel 7.

Similar performance, different software

OnePlus 10T and Pixel 7 seen from the front.
OnePlus 10T (from left) and Google Pixel 7 Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

OnePlus 10T probably has the best processor available at the moment, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and with it comes blocks of performance and an amazing level of efficiency. when playing Asphalt 9: Legends For 30 minutes, you never have to worry about speed and strength. The Pixel 7 and the Google-developed Tensor G2 processor offer the same level of performance when playing the game, and both phones are generally smooth and pleasant to use.

I can’t see much difference between the two screens either, although the OnePlus 10T’s 120Hz refresh rate is higher than the Pixel 7’s 90Hz. And since the resolution and pixel density are almost the same, they are top-notch multimedia phones. There are only small differences when you look closely, as the Pixel 7 appears brighter and more appealing than ever. The Pixel 7’s speakers are higher quality, with more clarity and less distortion.

We now come to an important difference: the software. The clean and hassle-free Android installation of the Pixel 7 is a world away from the more cumbersome and intrusive OxygenOS 12 running Android 12 on a OnePlus phone. There’s a fluid, no-nonsense approach to menus and navigation on the Pixel 7 that’s missing from the less intuitive, more cluttered OnePlus 10T. Although it’s supposed to come, it’s a shocking 10T He doesn’t have Android 13 yet.

When facing the two phones, I gravitate toward the Pixel 7 when I go to pick up one of them and check out a Twitter or Teams message. It’s generally a touch faster, better animation, and has a more modern feel to the program. They both play games the same way, so performance isn’t an issue, but the Pixel 7’s software makes it by far the most acceptable daily companion.

Camera quality is not comparable

Both phones have a 50MP main camera, but the Pixel 7 has a 12MP wide-angle camera compared to the OnePlus 10T’s 8MP wide-angle camera, and there’s hardly any point in referring to the 10TB 2MP macro camera. The two main cameras have completely different specifications, but the best way to understand the differences is to see the photos you take, as they are actually quite different.

The Pixel 7’s camera is great, with realism the OnePlus 10T can’t hope to replicate. The main camera’s colours, shades, and hue are beautiful, while the OnePlus phone relies on increased saturation to make its photos grab your attention. The Pixel 7’s HDR effect and the way it balances shadow and detail is a more visually pleasing and mature way to do the same.

The differences are most noticeable when switching to the wide-angle camera. The OnePlus 10T’s 8MP camera avoids details like it’s toxic, and images are pixelated and low quality when you dare to zoom in. The Pixel 7’s wide-angle camera is much better, and offers plenty of detail and sharpness. There is absolutely no competition between the two phones when it comes to the camera – the Google Pixel 7 is vastly superior.

Pixel 7 final feature: Price

The cheapest OnePlus 10T for you starts at $650 or £630, while the Pixel 7 starts at $600 or £599. I won’t color this one: if you’re wondering which phone to buy between these two phones, you should definitely buy the cheaper Pixel 7. Their successive use reveals that the two phones are completely different and highlights the first step. The wrong direction is the OnePlus 10T for OnePlus.

Does the 10T have any refund features? Fast charging is a real reason to buy a OnePlus phone, not just the 10T, as the charging speed is basically the same in OnePlus 10 Pro – It is a better phone in general. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is also incredibly capable, and the phone is available at a reasonable price. My problem with the 10T is that it has many good aspects, but it’s let down by the basics, from materials to software usability.

When I review a phone that doesn’t reflect what I know the manufacturer is capable of, I often look to revisit it to see if my opinion has changed, or if the updates have improved it in some way. Sadly, the OnePlus 10T hasn’t become a more enticing device in the month since its launch, and its average is only emphasized by the Pixel 7’s excellent low price and impressive capability.

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