Hideo Kojima’s next game footage may have been leaked in a strange way

Hideo Kojima’s next game footage may have been leaked in a strange way

Hideo Kojima’s next game footage may have been leaked in a strange way

For many people, the list of most anticipated video games will include “whatever works on it. If you are one of those people, you might be interested to know that a video shows The author’s next title appears to have leaked ahead of the official reveal from his studio, Kojima Productions.

The video, which has been removed from Streamable for violating the platform’s terms of service, shows a character that looks like a mama from Strand death. I played that character before maid And the Once upon a time in Hollywood Actress Margaret Qualley. The character shown here navigates dark corridors with the help of a flashlight while an ominous character follows him. In the end, someone or somesomething catch up with them. A game is then displayed on the screen, with text reading “Kojima Hideo’s Game” and “Overdose”.

Reporter Tom Henderson That the footage was similar to the leaked video he described in June . Looks like Kojima Productions asked him to remove the initial report – a request do your best to reject.

Viewing the video is strange. The gameplay footage contains a picture-in-picture display of a person who appears to be playing the game, as if they were a Twitch user. A text readout “camera player 1” appears at the top of the screen, suggesting that this is from a playback test. The footage appears on a YouTube-style interface, indicating that it may have been stored on Google Drive. It gets even weirder, because someone filmed those footage off-screen. This version of the video is then played on a tablet, which, according to a very clear reflection on that screen, is filmed off-screen a second time by a shirtless person.

Everything is very unusual. as such He notes, there is at least a slight chance that the footage is fake, although its creation requires a lot of effort from the scammer. Qualley’s character model looks just like the one it’s used in death strand – which might indicate that overdose It is a direct follow-up to Kojima’s last match. It’s also weird to see the game creator’s name pop up during a game on screen, although it’s possible that these are screenshots in action (although it’s not impossible to imagine Kojima actually putting his name on an onscreen game).

Anyway, we may not have to wait any longer to get more clarity on what’s going on here. Kan Kojima His next project, which is a regular present at The Game Awards, the next edition of which will take place in a month. Kojima develops a game but a death strand The sequel is said to be in the works, too.

If the reports and rumors persist, overdose It will be Kojima’s first complete horror game. The only horror project released by the Metal Gear creator so far is PTthe infamous teaser can be played . Designed as a proof of concept silent hillsAnd the Amidst Kojima’s sharp departure from Konami (which, by chance, ).

Meanwhile, Kojima He received some “expensive” offers for Kojima Productions. However, he has no plans to sell the company as he wants to retain creative independence.

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