How I used my phone and tablet to become an artist

How I used my phone and tablet to become an artist

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you or someone you know wants to learn how to create art, but you don’t have the supplies for that. However, you do have a phone. You may even have a tablet.

Is it possible to become an artist with just these tools? The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is that I tried it and it worked, but there were a few issues I ran into along the way.

The devices you used for mobile artwork

The phone displays the ibisPaint technical program on the screen.
ibisPaint برنامج Elizabeth Turk / Digital Trends

Most people – like me – wouldn’t do that The best smartphone In the market. I am using Samsung Galaxy A53Halfway phone. It is not made to produce art. I can tell you with certainty that it didn’t make it easy either.

I also own an iPad; Not iPad Pro Or anything designed for art, just a regular iPad. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make art on a tablet – I’ve even heard it’s just how many professional artists do their work. My hopes were high. And I must say, they are really interested in something.

It’s important to also share that I’ve been making art for a huge number of years. My medium has always been on the PC, and that experience hasn’t really carried over to a touch screen. learned that. I went into this from the point of view of someone trying to learn art just on their phone and tablet. If anything, previous experience held me back in a few ways.

Great experience with time and patience

Drawing with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro (2022).
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The iPad sucked hope out of me at first. This probably wouldn’t be the experience of anyone else starting a tablet, but I struggled with it for the first 10 hours or so. That doesn’t look good, does it? Don’t be discouraged, it gets better. Much better.

I started drawing on the iPad with just my finger. The excitement of creativity was high, and so were my hopes. I thought the touch screen would make art really easy. I had an expectation that I would suddenly do a great job right away. You can see where this is going, right?

I was frustrated by the slowness and slowness of drawing with my finger. I did not have res. I tried styluses with touch tips. It was intermittent. So I decided to Apple Pencil It will definitely fix this problem! Until I saw its price. If I wasn’t already going to lose money on art supplies, I wouldn’t want to do the same with a tool for my iPad that I didn’t even know I’d stick with just yet.

Instead, I turned to Amazon and found myself a Meko Pen designed specifically for sensitivity and accuracy. It was very cheap, and I can attest that it was totally worth the price. I had to get used to the weird way it appeared on screen first, but once I got around to it, it felt great – and it was usable even on my phone. You might be upset with her style, so I highly suggest looking into it best pens and find what suits you.

The iPad displays art made with Procreate and Meko Stylus.
Try wallpapers by Meko Elizabeth Turk / Digital Trends

I moved on to trying art on my phone. Application sketchbook It made working with my finger really intuitive. while, ibisPaint X Just really blossomed with a pen. Both were free, which was a plus. Not only that, it is clear that the screen of the phone is smaller than the tablet. This was an issue for me, but surprisingly less than I thought it would be.

After a few weeks of hard training, I definitely felt that I had achieved the status of an artist no matter what problems I faced. They took time to get over them, but with that time, I learned how to do better. I even found that I enjoyed drawing with a touch screen! After all, I can do it anywhere. Watching a movie, on a car trip, or even at the airport. Making my art mobile and accessible is very useful and easy to work with.

Where things go wrong

A phone rests on a table showing a pen art program.
Failed attempt Elizabeth Turk / Digital Trends

Since the Galaxy A53 wasn’t made for art, it really isn’t for the cause. The touch screen can be affected by any hard or soft objects. Any burrs or dents from unrelated things are messing with the piece. It’s great that I only use my hands to draw, but it’s awful for the Meko pen I got. This is really frustrating because I lacked the precision I needed to make the art I wanted.

Unfortunately, another issue with using the phone is the screen size. As expected, it was very small. Not impossibly small, keep in mind (it’s really great for small pieces of art or works without a lot of fine detail). I like to fiddle with it in my spare time, but I would probably never make an elaborate piece there for my sanity.

As for the iPad, the thing that bothered me the most was how much it lacked intuitive features. I suffered in importing photos, and I truly Struggled to export photos. Oftentimes, I completely gave up exporting my work and took a screenshot because I wasn’t bothered to understand what was going on. Sometimes I would avoid working on the iPad just because I felt bad about the design of the software.

How to start creating art on the go

A character is drawn on an iPad using Procreate.
Character drawn in childbearing Elizabeth Turk / Digital Trends

If you want to start your own journey with art on devices you already own, I definitely recommend trying a phone tablet. The phone is good for messing around, but getting into it is more difficult. With a tablet, you have the same free options as a phone, like Sketchbook or IbisPaint, but childbearing She actually won me. They cost money, and at times confusing to use, but their brushes and options are second to none. However, invest in some kind of pen to save yourself headaches later.

Starting with your phone is perfect for the right person because it can be done with a total of zero cost or risk. I don’t need a stylus, and frankly, the versatility of the sketchbook on my phone has made me feel comfortable enough to just use my hands. The brush and the intuitive design made it very easy to start from scratch. Although the screen is small, I will keep practicing because I had a good experience.

If you are still wondering how to start the journey of art itself, I will always recommend the website Drawabox. It contains free lessons that cover all the steps of learning art in different stages. The lessons available are easy to follow, and really challenge you to learn the most constructive approach.

Finally, the last tip I can share with you is to not give up right away. Learning to draw is like learning a language. It takes time and practice to get it right, but with dedication and a willingness to learn, you’ll be able to share all those ideas you’ve been cooking up in your head. Don `t give up!

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