How KETOS’ water quality monitoring tool is used by Kalera

How KETOS’ water quality monitoring tool is used by Kalera

Water intelligence innovator Ketos announced that Kalera is using Ketos to autonomously monitor water quality in real time across all of its vertical farming locations. The KETOS SHIELD solution will provide Kalera with lab-accurate water quality data to support crop yield, while being efficient with water reuse as well as managing nutrient concentration.

As an enhancement to Kalera’s existing rigorous water quality testing processes, Ketos will automate water sampling and testing, providing actionable real-time data across Kalera’s network of farms. In addition, Kalera will be able to dial in nutrient solutions to consistently produce high-quality, nutritious greens and culinary herbs across all of its farms.

Dr. Christian Toma, Co-Founder and Head, said, “Kalera has always carried out robust testing, including regular water sampling and laboratory testing with a committed focus on water quality, as there is a significant impact on yield, taste, quality and sustainability. It has a direct impact.” Scientific Officer of Cholera. “Previously, water sampling and testing were done manually, limiting the number of tests and the amount of data we could analyze daily or act on based on the insights at our fingertips. KETOS gives us greater comprehensiveness and will provide depth, helping us manage this effort with greater efficiency across our network of farms.”

“We are delighted to partner with Kalera, as they are one of the innovative leaders in the vertical farming industry,” said Meena Sankaran, CEO and Founder of Ketos. “When it comes to practicing effective vertical farming, it is integral that growers ensure plants are receiving the right balance of nutrients. Instead of relying on manual testing and delayed data, Kalera now has access to lab-accurate water quality results in real time, which will help its smart operators conserve water and produce healthier and more nutritious plants in less time While doing so be efficient with your time. cost.”

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