How to get Berserker Armor in God of War Ragnarok: Berserker Gravestones to beat to get the Armor

How to get Berserker Armor in God of War Ragnarok: Berserker Gravestones to beat to get the Armor

This article will go over the Berserker Tombstones you need to defeat to get the Berserker Armor God of War Ragnarok.

Some Armor sets in the game are worth bothering with. This Armor set is one of them. You will get an Armor that works for all strategies regardless of attack or defense. However, you will have to defeat the Berserkers, who are very strong. To find the armor pieces, you must travel to specific areas that will reward you with the pieces and the chance to fight Berserkers. This is what we will discuss in the next section. Let’s get into it.

Berserker Armor Pieces Locations in God of War Ragnarok

Part one Armor is on Midgard, in the Ninth Lake. The boss fight here is the diligent Fraekni; we’ve already made a run around defeating him before. You can check it out below. But after beating him, he’ll drop you some nice loot along with the first Armor piece, which is Berserker Armor Waist Guard. He is an aggressive and melee-based enemy, so be careful.

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The rest of the armor is in Alfheim in the Barrens. This is a triple boss fight; however, it is quite easy to do if you have good equipment and combat experience. So make sure you level up your Armor before fighting these three. After defeating them, you will get Berserker Cuirass, chest armor.

The third and final part Armor is on Fields of Mist in Niflheim. However, you can only get to this after completing the main story. Make sure you’re maxed out because this is a tough fight. You will receive the last piece of Armor after defeating this boss Berserker Gauntlets.

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