How to turn off your Twitter DMs to prevent spam

How to turn off your Twitter DMs to prevent spam

How to turn off your Twitter DMs to prevent spam

  • Depending on how your Twitter settings are configured, strangers you don’t follow may be allowed to DM you.
  • This setting allows for many potentially annoying and spam messages.
  • You can turn off your Twitter DMs for people you follow in the Privacy & Security section of your settings on the website or mobile app.

I tweet makes it easy to have a truly global presence; with the right settings, your tweets can be read by anyone – not just your followers – and that same global audience can reach out and send you private direct messages. This is useful if you want to contact a celebrity or journalist, for example, but there is a downside: it can also be annoying to receive unsolicited DMs.

Allowing anyone to DM you exposes you to a lot of junk and spam, so if you prefer a more private Twitter experience, it’s easy to close your DMs to only the people you follow. You can do it from the Twitter website or mobile app, but no matter which way you do it, this is a global setting that changes whether people you don’t follow can DM you.

How to close your Twitter DMs on desktop

You can lock your DMs to only allow messages from accounts you follow with just a few clicks on the Twitter website in any browser.

1. go to I tweet in your web browser and log in if necessary.

2. Click with three dots More icon in the panel on the left side of the page.

Twitter menu in Chrome.

Open the Settings menu and Twitter Support.

Dave Johnson

3. In the menu that appears, click Settings and Supportthen Settings and Privacy.

4. On the settings page, click Privacy and security.

5. IN Your activity on Twitter section, click Direct messages.

Twitter privacy and security options on Twitter.

You will find the DM settings in the Privacy and security menu.

Dave Johnson

6. Clear the checkbox for Allow message requests from everyone.

Twitter DM Options in Chrome.

To stop spam, don’t allow people you don’t follow to send you messages.

Dave Johnson

How to Lock Your Twitter DMs on Mobile

You can also lock your DMs to only allow messages from accounts you follow using the Twitter mobile app.

1. Launch the Twitter app and tap your account icon at the top of the screen.

2. touch Settings and Supportthen Settings and Privacy.

3. touch Privacy and security.

4. touch Direct messages.

Twitter DM options in the iOS app.

Go to your Direct Messages settings to stop people you don’t follow from messaging you.

Dave Johnson

5. Turn off Allow message requests from everyone by swiping the button to the left.

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