How to use Apple Pay or Google Pay instead of plastic cards

How to use Apple Pay or Google Pay instead of plastic cards

Spread Contactless payment options are changing how businesses interact with customers at the moment of purchase, from international retailers to local pop-up stores. But you don’t have to worry yet if you enjoy buying things with cold, hard cash. The plastic cards are first on the chopping block.

“I would suggest it’s time to plan to send plastic (and metal) cards to Shady Pines’ retirement home for a tragic and long-awaited welcome,” Nick Holland booksGlobal Head of Insights and Networking at Money 20/20. During the group’s 2022 conference in October in Las Vegas, fintech companies promoting efficiency and seamless experiences were in the lead, with plastic cards fading into the background.

Anyone who is on the fence about using their smartphone for contactless payments should check out Whitson Gordon’s case for technology adoption. Convinced and need guidance on setting up Apple Pay or Google Wallet? apple And the The Google Provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through this initial setup. After linking your cards to the mobile device and going through the steps to complete purchases, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your smartphone wallets.

Don’t forget phone-to-phone payments

You may feel comfortable tapping your phone against the payment terminal, but you may feel surprised the first time a business asks you to tap your phone on their phone. Small merchants, delivery companies and takeaway restaurants may continue to abandon traditional card terminals just as companies like Master Card Credit Card And the visa Offer features that use near field chip technology to enable phone-to-phone payments. Similar to the Lightning port on the iPhone, it was an era Credit Card Readers It will most likely end up being connected to smartphones.

Take advantage of virtual card numbers

Always look to see what your options are when it comes to virtual card numbers. For example, if you choose to get an Apple Card on your iPhone and the number leaks, it can be changed with just a few clicks. Open wallet and press Apple Card. In the upper-right corner, select File Card Code and select the button that reads Request a new card number. Virtual card numbers are not only useful for smartphone payments. The Google option added To easily use the security feature of your web browser.

Add more than just payment methods

Your debit card and credit card will likely be the first items you connect to your digital wallet. No need to stop there! From boarding passes to Vaccine proof Cards, digital wallets can hold more than just payments. It is also possible to link your health insurance card for easy access. (The key aspect of a physical wallet that a digital wallet can never replicate is that it provides me with a secret receptacle to store my old receipts and paper scraps.)

Keep some cash on hand

Even if you choose to use your mobile device instead of a plastic card for most in-person transactions, it still makes sense to keep a few dollars in your wallet. just in case. for you Smartphone can get wet And it stopped working. Also, not every store is set up to accept Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Some retailers even offer a small discount to customers who pay with cash.

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