Hozier’s Blood Upon the Snow God of War: Exclusive

Hozier’s Blood Upon the Snow God of War: Exclusive

Hype is built for God of War: Ragnarok (From November 9 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4), the latest installment in the popular video game series. Not only is the new first God of War The game, set in four years, marks the end of the “Norse” series, which centers on Norse mythology and follows protagonist Kratos and his teenage son Atreus.

sexy as new God of War For fans, there’s something different about this release than the usual price tag: Irish singer-songwriter Hozier Collaborated with the author of the game, Bear McCrearyfor a new song to accompany the official Ragnarok The soundtrack, outside the same game day. The track titled “Blood Upon the Snow” is a daring cinematic number that hits on all the objective notes of God of War: Ragnarokand finds Hosier using his signature velvety tone to evoke both tenderness and awe.

It’s been many years since Hosier, who was released in his sophomore LP, the wilderness, darlingIn 2019 it was a huge success, but it has remained relatively quiet since the dawn of the epidemic. Aside from collaborating with producer Meduza last year, Hozier has been very focused on his upcoming third album, releasing only one single, Swan Upon Leda. Now comes “Blood Upon the Snow,” which you can hear now in its accompanying video here:

Needless to say, Hozier is very excited about the release of the collaboration, and for the game to reach audiences around the world. “I’m interested in digital arts as a mature medium,” says Hosier. consequence click zoom. “The previous version of that series was a bit of a game-changing (no pun intended), cinematic achievement. I was so moved by seeing that it would take a story and maybe 30 hours of flight without a single camera cut.”

He praised the spirit of collaboration between him and Bear McCreary and game director Eric Williams. And while “Blood Upon the Snow” has a more classic, dramatic style, his new music won’t necessarily echo the same vocals. “We were trying to get to the rhythms of certain topics and trying to make it work for the game world, to make it work with empathy for Eric Williams’ vision and also for Bear’s vision,” Hosier says.

This may be Hozier’s first song for a video game, but his abilities as a powerful storyteller and vocalist have been on display since his 2014 debut. When he hit a high note at the peak of “Blood Upon the Snow,” it’s clear that the world could use more of Hozier’s music in the future.

before releasing God of War: Ragnarok and the God of War: Ragnarok (original soundtrack)Hosier sat down consequence To discuss the crafting of “Blood Upon the Snow,” using the natural world and game narrative as inspiration, his love of digital art, and Hozier’s as-yet-unreleased third status. Read below for the full questions and answers with Hozier, plus watch a small behind-the-scenes document of the registration process that went into “Blood Upon the Snow.”

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