If you haven’t installed Android 12L on your Surface Duo yet, you should stop right now

If you haven’t installed Android 12L on your Surface Duo yet, you should stop right now

Last month, Microsoft dual screen Surface Duo phones have received an update to Android 12L. This is a version of the operating system designed for phones with large screens and both Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 qualify for this designation. When the first is fully open, the two screens create an 8.1-inch “canvas” for the user; The two screens combine in the latest model to give the user an 8.3-inch screen to work with.

Android 12L update leaves Surface Duo models ‘buggy’

The update also added “borrowed” icons from Windows 11 along with four new wallpaper options that “go along” with the new Windows desktop backgrounds. This makes sense because Microsoft wants the Surface Duo line to be an extension of your home PC. But like some reddit Subscribers post, the update also adds something to phones that no one wants to see: bugs.

1 post on Reddit, by 4749, says the update has disabled the search bar on your Surface Duo. But this phone owner is kind of a ruse because he simply opens the Edge browser to do a search. He also says that restarting will allow him to use the search bar until it stops working again.

Another post, this one was written by the owner of the Surface Duo 2 with the handle noteoughnamespace It says, “The clock has stopped in the status bar on Duo 2! I’m on 12L, the phone is working fine, but the clock in the top left of the screen says it’s 08.53, I did it for the last 10 minutes. The main clock (on the idle screen) shows the correct time , so they don’t match. That might not be the worst fault with a phone, or even in a 12L, but it’s not something I’ve ever seen before.”
As for the clock issue, one Surface Duo owner said that rotating the device corrects the time on his phone. Or you can simply restart Duo to correct the clock.

But the problem of the watch is nothing compared to the battery which drains very quickly. You can always tell the time by asking the Google Assistant or using the sundial. But if your battery runs out, you can only use the phone as a paperweight. Reddit user marrk87 He wrote, “Well, I’ve had a few small bugs since I updated on day one to 12L on my daily running Duo 2. However, today I encountered pretty much every bug reported when I really needed my phone.”

One Surface Duo user saw his battery drain 40% in an hour

“First there was massive battery drain dropping the battery up to 40% in an hour. It might have been service related, but I’m not sure. After that, the clock and battery meter in the taskbar didn’t update so my phone went down to a very low percentage out of battery without realizing it. Then my wifi and mobile data decided to stop working, so I couldn’t connect or send any messages. This required a restart. I am very disappointed, but the restart seems to have tamed the beast for now.”

Speaking of battery, the battery percentage indicator has also been an issue for some Surface Duo users after installing Android 12L. This prevents users from getting a true picture of how much time they have left before needing to charge. For example, one user had a battery on the Duo die twice without warning and for those who really depend on their phones, dragging around a dead phone is an awful feeling.

Given the number of issues that surfaced on both the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 after installing Android 12L, if you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet on your dual-screen Microsoft phone, you might want to wait for the software giant to eradicate these bugs by pushing an update. We hope this update rolls out soon so that Surface Duo users can enjoy their phones once again.

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