Integrated POS in the cloud could reshape checkout

Integrated POS in the cloud could reshape checkout

Integrated POS in the cloud could reshape checkout

Simplifying and streamlining checkout is an industry obsession, and it is about to become more intense as retailers recognize the importance of the checkout experience for shoppers.

Speaking with PYMNTS for our “Executive Insights Series – The Next Three Years” Kristjan Johanssonchief commercial officer LS RetailAn Aptos company, said three-year focus for the point-of-sale (PoS) solutions provider, continued development of integrated commerce platforms, the continuation of the company’s cloud-based SaaS transformation and working more on improving unattended retail solutions Is.

With a massive footprint of more than 90,000 stores from retail to pharmacies in more than 157 countries, including major customers such as Adidas, Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret, LS Retail sees a unified future for POS functions across all workspaces – and devices.

“We are highly focused on providing our customers with a cross-device approach,” said Johansson, “so the POS supports all channels, mobile or whatever device the customer is using, and also the channel. So that it can be online or offline. We can support the process the way the customer wants to contact the store.”

As retail changes after the pandemic, the POS integrations that make new store features and configurations possible are also a focus for LS Retail’s client list, as they are for all merchants.

Johansson described a common scenario in which a retailer wants to add an offering of food or coffee to a retail location. Doing so becomes easier with an integrated POS approach that works from core retail operations to ancillary offerings — like coffee — that many are adding.

“We support both the retail part of their operations, but also the hospitality part, an all in one solution,” he said.

Pharmacy is another area where LS Retail is bringing integrated POS. In this case, it is common to use a software solution for complex prescription processing and a separate POS for over-the-counter medical items and retail products, often handled by a separate solution.

“We are able to do this in a single solution as an integrated offering and store, a pharmacy, in this case, helping to make running it a much easier process,” he said.

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Cloud-based POS and SaaS are now a major focus for many operators, and with LS Retail being the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions, it is taking a more in-depth look at the processing power of Azure cloud computing to realize its unified vision. exploiting.

“The velocity of our customers converting to SaaS has really increased over the past year,” he said. “As we see now, this is going to happen over the course of the next three years. Most of our customers will move, and all new customers, to the SaaS version of LS Central, its retail management software, as well as enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.” For sized businesses (SMBs) will opt-in for its exclusive POS offerings.

Unattended retail innovation is very much along the company’s three-year roadmap for speed and convenience as a retailer of all types from order to checkout.

“The pandemic set the scene for this and really pushed R&D on our side and many of our competitors,” Johansson said. “We’ve invested in Scan and Scale self-checkout solutions, which are typically in the grocery area, but are coming more and more in specialty stores and more retailers want to use it.”

It is not only the consequences of the pandemic but consumer demand is driving these innovations. Pointing to Amazon Scan and Go “Just Walk Out” payments as a kind of North Star here, Johansson said, “When you have an app where you can shop, you can do scanning, And you can check yourself through your phone without any intervention in the store or any kind of assistance from you,” consumers increasingly prefer to do it themselves.

LS Retail has taken a similar step, embedding its unattainable POS functionality into its SaaS software, turning smartphones into POS terminals. “Our POS functionality is now in the customer’s phone,” he said. “They just need to register and identify themselves. We see a lot of interest in this… in the kirana sector as they are providing 24/7 small stores close to railway stations, etc. This is a trend that we clearly see coming out. ,

New markets, new perspectives

As far as other strategic measures over the three-year time frame are concerned, LS Retail sees the potential to continue to drive the digital transformation of restaurant ordering and payments via cloud-based mobile POS.

“We see this in the hospitality sector, and in restaurants where we’ve seen these QR codes on tables,” Johansson said. “You go to the restaurant’s website, you place your order there, you can even pay there, and the waiter gets a notification when the food is ready to be brought to table number seven or whatever.”

These scenarios, born out of the pandemic necessity, will continue to be refined and advanced as he said providing and supporting contactless shopping are the use cases in the future and certainly over the next three years.

This will benefit emerging markets as much or more than established markets, as Johansson talked about the outlook for new geographies as they adopt integrated POS in all its forms.

“We see that some of these regions are growing faster than others. We are making great progress in countries in Africa. We have many new customers in groceries in Africa. We also see regions like Indochina Where you see Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and countries like that. There is an increasing demand for our solutions in these areas,” he said.

Integrated POS in the cloud could reshape checkout

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