iOS 16.2 Introduces New Custom Access Mode

iOS 16.2 Introduces New Custom Access Mode

Apple released on Tuesday iOS 16.2 beta 2 for developers as the company prepares to make the update available to the public in December. Officially, the new Freeform app adds collaboration and improvements to the Home app. under the cover, 9to5Mac I discovered that Apple is working on a new “Accessibility Mode” that will provide a “streamlined” experience for iPhone and iPad.

The post has been updated with more screenshots showing the new interface.

Custom Access Mode

This new mode codenamed “Clarity” basically replaces Springboard (which is the main iOS interface) with a more streamlined one. The feature, which is still not available to users in the current beta version, will be available as an accessibility option, aimed at making the iPhone and iPad interface more user-friendly for those users who might find it too complex.

Apple internally describes Custom Access Mode as “a simplified and customizable way to use the iPhone and iPad.” In some ways, the new mode should work similarly to the current one Guided Access Mode, which allows users to lock their devices into a single app. However, the custom access mode will allow users to navigate through the system with some restrictions.

For example, users will be able to set things like larger UI and text, apps available on the home screen, allowed contacts, and access to hardware buttons when custom accessibility mode is enabled. A password can be set to prevent others from changing these settings. Triple-clicking the side button (or home button) quickly enables and disables the custom access mode.

iOS 16.2 Custom Access Mode with a Streamlined Experience for iPhone and iPad

Once the mode is activated, the apps interface becomes very simplified and has larger elements, as you can see below:

iOS 16.2 Custom Access Mode with a Streamlined Experience for iPhone and iPad

Although Apple was working on this Custom Accessibility Mode feature with iOS 16.2, it is unclear if it will become available to users with the official release of the update or with a future release of iOS.

Update: More screenshots

Below are some exclusive screenshots showing the Custom Accessibility Mode interface. The lock screen is simplified by “press and hold Enter” while the home screen has giant icons without the Dock. Apple’s native apps eliminate almost every aspect of the regular interface in favor of focusing on the big, important stuff.

iOS 16.2 Custom Access Mode with a Streamlined Experience for iPhone and iPad

More about iOS 16.2

Besides the custom accessibility mode, iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 include some notable changes. Freeform collaborative app is now available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac users. There are also changes to the Home app, updates to the Weather app, and more. Here’s a summary of everything we’ve discovered so far:

According to a report from BloombergiOS 16.2 is due to be released sometime in mid-December. As always, it’s possible for these updates to be delayed or features removed depending on development and testing progress over the next month.

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