iPhone factory workers in China offered bonuses from Foxconn to get back to work

iPhone factory workers in China offered bonuses from Foxconn to get back to work

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One of Apple’s largest suppliers is trying to strike a delicate balance in China.


You must comply with some The harshest rules of covid In the world Guarantee that Apple

Shipments are not severely disrupted just before the start of the major holiday season.

The Taiwanese company, which has been racing to control the outbreak of the Covid virus in its vast campus in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, has begun hiring for the facility again and offering bonuses to employees who left recently, according to a statement posted on one. From the company’s WeChat accounts.

Foxconn’s statement came just a day after Apple said it expects iPhone 14 shipments to be hit by China’s Covid restrictions, which “Significantly reduced capacityIn Zhengzhou, the world’s largest iPhone factory.

“The epidemic has disrupted our work and our lives, but… the company has achieved outstanding results in its current epidemic prevention measures,” Foxconn said on its WeChat recruitment account in Zhengzhou on Monday.

“The park’s production and living system has been gradually restored to normal,” the statement added.

Concerned workers have reportedly fled the closed facility. Videos of many people leaving Zhengzhou on foot have gone viral on Chinese social media in recent days. Foxconn is now ramping up procedures to get its employees back.

If they return, employees who left between October 10 and November 5 will receive a one-time bonus of 500 yuan ($69), according to the company. According to the post, the new workers will be offered a salary of 30 yuan ($4) an hour.

Last Wednesday, the Chinese authorities imposed a seven-day lockdown The manufacturing area that includes the Foxconn plant.

In a WeChat post, Foxconn said workers will be able to start their work once the district-wide lockdown is “lifted,” at which point employees will be rounded up and transported to the factory for a closed-loop system — where employees will work and live on site.

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