iPhone SE 4: All the rumors so far

iPhone SE 4: All the rumors so far

Apple is developing an updated version of the low cost iPhone SEThe new device is expected to include some major changes to bring it in line with the flagship Iphone Lined up.

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A new ‌iPhone SE‌ isn’t expected until 2024, but we’re already hearing rumors, so we’ve put all the info together in one handy guide.


The current third-generation ‌iPhone‌ SE‌ is Apple’s smallest device, modeled after the iPhone‌ 8. Measuring 4.7 inches, it is the only iPhone‌ that includes thick bezels and Connection ID Home button.

This is set to change with the next iPhone SE‌ update, with rumors suggesting that Apple has a new design planned. The fourth generation ‌iPhone SE‌ will feature an all-screen design like Apple’s Home lineup, with Apple scrapping the home button in favor of another authentication method.

leaky John Prosser Suggest using ‌iPhone SE‌ 4 It can look the same to the 2018 ‌iPhone‌ XR, a device with rounded edges rather than the square look of recent iPhones. All previous versions of ‌iPhone SE‌ were modeled after previous iPhones, so the suggestion is reasonable.

iphone xr black

iPhone XR

The original ‌iPhone SE‌ version was based on the‌ iPhone‌ 5s, while the second and third generation versions are similar to the‌iPhone‌ 8. However, Apple could instead design the iPhone SE‌ model after the release iPhone 12 And later, adding the more modern look the company has been using for the past few years.

display size

The ‌iPhone‌ XR has a 6.1-inch screen, and several rumors have indicated that Apple is considering a 5.7- to 6.1-inch screen for the device.

Prosser and Apple Analyzer Ming Chi Kuo You think Apple will use a file 6.1 inch screenDisplay analyst Ross Young believes Apple is considering 5.7-inch and 6.1-inch display options for the next iPhone SE‌. Young said that Apple has She hasn’t finished her plans yet For ‌iPhone SE‌ 4, both options are still possible.

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The ‌iPhone SE‌ is the last remaining iPhone‌ to feature an LCD screen, and other iPhones in Apple’s lineup are equipped with OLED technology. Apple has used all the OLED technology for its flagship iPhones since ‌iPhone 12‌, in fact.

It’s not yet clear if Apple will use LCD or OLED technology for the ‌iPhone SE‌ 4, and Young says both are a possibility. Apple is considering 6.1-inch OLED screens from two suppliers, as well as 5.7- to 6.1-inch LCD screens. The ‌iPhone SE‌ is more expensive than other iPhones and the cost of OLED may lead to Apple opting for an LCD instead, but OLED prices may have gone down enough for Apple to move to OLED for the next iPhone‌ SE‌.


With an all-display design, Apple is expected to do just that slit adoption for ‌iPhone‌ SE‌, a design Apple has used for its flagship iPhones since the 2017 ‌iPhone‌ XR.

iphone 13 face id notch

The jagged screen will give Apple a place to place the front camera, but it’s not yet clear if the iPhone SE‌ will support Face ID TrueDepth camera system due to hardware cost.

By the time ‌iPhone SE‌‌ is released, the major iPhone‌ lineup will have completely moved on to dynamic islandThe older design will set the ‌iPhone SE‌ apart from the rest.

Touch ID or Face ID?

Apple is moving away from Face ID‌ and iPhone SE‌ is the last remaining iPhone‌ with Touch ID‌. Since ‌Face ID‌ has been around since 2017, Apple may choose to use it for the next generation of ‌iPhone SE‌.

ipad air touch id feature

info from MyDrivers And Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo‌ indicates that the iPhone SE‌ 4 could have a Touch ID‌ power button, similar to iPad AirAnd the IPADAnd the ipad mini. This technology hasn’t been used for ‌iPhone‌‌ yet, but the Touch ID‌ power button could keep costs low and distinguish ‌iPhone SE‌ from flagship iPhones.

A-series bracket

The current ‌iPhone SE‌ is equipped with the same A15 chip that was in the iPhone 13 models, so the iPhone SE‌ could get a chip from the previous generation at launch.

a16 apple chip

Coming in 2024, it will be available in the same year as the ‌iPhone‌ 16 lineup and a year after the release of iPhone 15. The standard iPhone 15‌ models are expected to use the A16 in iPhone 14 Pro There is a good chance that the iPhone SE‌ 4 has an A16 chip.

5G network

The current ‌iPhone SE‌ is equipped with 5G technology, and the next generation version is likely to get an upgraded 5G chip with support for more bands.

release day

Rumors are that the ‌iPhone SE‌ will be launched in 2024, with no line update planned for 2023.

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