It’s the second round of ROG Phone brutality as JRE shows Asus has learned nothing

It’s the second round of ROG Phone brutality as JRE shows Asus has learned nothing

Nobody wants to break or break their smartphone – that’s why most of us Spring for cases Screen protectors in the first place. However, some Best Android Phones They are surprisingly flexible, and you don’t have to take our word for it too seriously. Zack at JerryRigEverything has dedicated his career to pushing hardware to the edge, and he’s back to test one of the most powerful gaming phones ever released. Unfortunately for Asus, it appears that a file ROG Phone 6 Pro It may share a fate with its predecessor.


Previously on JerryRigEverything, Zack took a look at ROG Phone 5. To put it simply, things did not go well for Asus. In the bend test, the most painful and stressful part of any JRE video, the ROG Phone 5’s screen was shortened after pressing on the top and bottom of the device. After being flipped and pressed from behind, it effectively shattered into two halves.

However, a year and a half has passed – which is certainly enough time for Asus to solidify the body of one of its most distinguished and powerful devices. I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this.

It’s worth watching the whole video, especially if you want to see ROG Phone 6 Pro in pristine condition. It’s a unique looking device, with a small screen on the back for notifications and other system information, along with some of the usual other gaming-focused features we’ve seen Asus offer in the past.

While most of the testing goes as you’d expect – the screen scratches at a Mohs hardness level of 6; The OLED panel retains a burnout mark under the spark plug; The fingerprint scanner continues to work when scratched — but everything goes sideways during the durability department. As with the ROG Phone 5, Asus uses two separate battery cells to deliver unparalleled battery performance. Unfortunately, two separate cells don’t make a fortified chassis, and…well…the phone bends from the front in two.


Although we’ll have to wait for a full disassembly to see what went wrong here, the current assumption is also the most obvious. Asus failed to tweak its design from last year, and without any additional reinforcements between the two battery cells, the device once again split in half. In fact, this year’s device was cut off fasterThe 2021 model took a second push from the back to finish the job.

It’s tough stuff for Asus, especially given the hefty price tag associated with this device. If we’re sticking to gaming terminology, JerryRigEverything just caused one fatality at the end of the second round.

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