JonnyGuru advises users to check the connection, PCI-SIG is working on the review

JonnyGuru advises users to check the connection, PCI-SIG is working on the review

Since the release of the GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, NVIDIA has experienced Multiple reports of issues with the 16-pin 12V power connector. Corsair power supply expert, “Johnny Guru” The problem is believed to be user error.

NVIDIA 16-Pin “12VHPWR” Connector Problems May Be Caused by User Error, JonnyGuru Highlights

JonnyGuru explains that users may not fully insert the 16-pin “12VHPWR” connector cable into the graphics card, which can cause issues with the connection itself, with wires melting and connectors overheating.

This theory is not new, as previously discussed, but one that has arisen within tech circles from content creators, experts, and media sources. This also remains a theory, as there is no complete evidence to support the idea. However, JonnyGuru shows us how he came to that verdict with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU’s hardware and connectivity issues.

First, a Corsair PSU expert uses a Corsair HX1500i, using three PCIe cables connected to NVIDIA’s 16-pin “12VHPWR” adapter. The test includes a thermal resistor to monitor temperatures and splicing around the wires to make sure the cables won’t bend too much. To start the problem, he began to damage the connectors, especially the durability of the joints that were soldered to the joint. Everything was still in place after this test, and the temperature remained high up to 53°C.

Next, he researched all known cases of fusible and deformed connections, reviewing each image posted and comparing the undamaged connections to those that were part of the fusing and overheating issues. Realizing the similarities of all manufacturers, he came to one conclusion.

Any 12VHPWR connector can burn out because it can be difficult to insert any of them.

…too hard to fully include.

– JonnyGuru, pirate expert in power supplies

The PSU expert at Corsair noted that it was not fully connected to the GPU in the images where the cable or connection was damaged. He recommends users who own an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and are worried that the same might happen to them to use a dielectric grease (about four bucks at Amazon) — the bare minimum — to the power connector.

NVIDIA has not released any details or answers to the public since this began. It is known that the company Deal with this problem with the highest priority. Meanwhile, a Sharing a new notification from PCI-SIG Which could hint at a new revision of the 16-pin “12VHPWR” cable that will be published by December 6, 2022. The latest review area shows that an engineering change request, or ECR, has been submitted and will close by December 20, 2022.

Are you ready to buy a graphics card with a 16-pin 12VHPWR cable?

news source: Tomchardauer, Johnny Guru

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