Legendary fighter Demps shuts down The Rumble Fish 2 on Switch release in December

Legendary fighter Demps shuts down The Rumble Fish 2 on Switch release in December

Legendary fighter Demps shuts down The Rumble Fish 2 on Switch release in December

Japanese game developer Dimps Corporation – known for its work on popular franchises such as Dragon BallAnd the pieceAnd the sonic the hedgehog And a number of fighting games – revive the 2D arcade fighter Atomiswave of 2005 rumble fish 2 With the help of publisher 3goo.

The game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch December 7/8, with pre-orders now live on the Switch eShop. You can get the standard game for $29.99 or the fancier limited digital bundle including additional character ‘Greed’ for $30.58 (note: launch price, regular price $33.98).

“This fighting game has gained popularity due to its smooth visuals backed by SMA as well as the high level of strategy driven by the two scale system. With the addition of new current generation features, it has become easier to play… to attract fighting game lovers since its release in 2005 with mechanics that use two scales – one of them for attack and one for defense – and 2D visuals powered by SMA (Smooth Model Animation).”

New features will also be added to the latest version to provide a “modern gaming experience”. This includes online versus mode, network icon undo, 16:9 widescreen support, artificial intelligence and a training mode. Some of the other modes included in the game are arcade, survival, time attack, and local multiplayer.

Here is the story:

“It is the end of the twentieth century … a large-scale natural disaster has struck the eastern region of a nation. It has wiped out the financial sector and led to a huge loss of life. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the PROBE-NEXUS conglomerate, better known as Probe, began the reconstruction efforts in those Eastern District Vast capital and advanced technology were injected to rebuild it Skyscrapers that made old tall buildings to a state of disgrace Combined with the world’s largest shopping mall and entertainment venues This was the dazzling birth of a symbol of the new century Named the main district Now, in An undeveloped sector of the Western Bloc, there was an area known as the slums…”

You can check out the character of the new trailer in the video below:

As part of this announcement, a physical collector’s edition will also be released. It will also include The Rumble Fish Original Arcade – Port of the first game. Unfortunately, they will not be sold separately at this time. Physical version available from Limited Running Games.

Interested in playing this series on Switch? Tell us below.

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