LG Display joins the supply chain of OLED panels for the iPhone 14 Pro

LG Display joins the supply chain of OLED panels for the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro

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It is reported that Apple has started using LG Display as a supplier of OLED panels for iPhone 14 Pro models, along with existing supplier Samsung Display.

to launch iPhone 14OLED panels for Pro models were provided by Samsung Display only. However, it appears that Apple has brought in another supplier of premium models.

Long-time Apple partner LG Display is believed to be joining the iPhone 14 Pro supply chain, supplying LPTO TFT-type OLED panels. according to . sources ETNewsLG Display started supplying panels at the end of October.

LG Display was allegedly supposed to be part of the Pro model’s supply chain, but initial production delays pushed its inclusion back, but it has now won Apple’s approval.

This is the first time that LG Display has provided Apple with LTPO OLED technology for its products, although this technology was first introduced in iPhone 13 Pro. Under a difficult production process, also complicated by a perforated screen, it raised the barrier for LG’s screen to meet Apple’s standards.

Samsung Display has fitted Apple with LTPO OLED technology for use on mobile devices over the past two years, with its display technology described as stable. With the inclusion of LG, Samsung Display will provide fewer panels to Apple.

With the change in suppliers, LG Display will provide screens for two iPhone models, Samsung Display will do so for all four iPhone 14 models, and Will the Bank of England Keep supplying iPhone 14.

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