LGear Lightning 2-in-1 Charger: Good for iPhone, not for AirPods

LGear Lightning 2-in-1 Charger: Good for iPhone, not for AirPods

LGear 2-in-1 Charging Stand

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The LGear 2-in-1 charging stand can quickly charge compatible iPhones, but AirPods very slow.

like her older cousinThe 2-in-1 mount provides a way to reduce the number of cables in the area. It supports files iPhone 12 And beyond and wirelessly charged AirPods — which are all if someone has a wireless case for first and second generations of AirPods.

2 in 1 Lightning Charging Dock – Specifications

LGear calls it the “Lightning” charging dock, which refers to the iPhone’s fast charging capacity of up to 15W, and it features a USB-C port on the back.

Unfortunately, the AirPods’ charger is only 2W, which isn’t great. So far, the lowest wattage of a charger we’ve seen on a product is 5W, which is standard on some lower-end products.

design and construction

The berth has a slim and elegant design in an oblique or semi-triangular “L” shape. It prominently displays the iPhone in the front while featuring the AirPods charger in the back, at the bottom.

AirPods charging location

AirPods charging location

Like the 3-in-1 charging base from LGear, the 2-in-1 model is made of plastic. Although it doesn’t look as cheap as a 3-in-1, the materials seem to contradict the price again.

using the dock

The iPhone charging unit works great and is capable of 15W fast charging. It took just over two hours to charge our iPhone 14.

Meanwhile, charging the first generation AirPods Pro It took about six hours to use the 2-watt charger. The maximum charging power is 5W, so we have to wonder why LGear bothered to add a low-power charging pad.

The magnetic smartphone charger can support iPhone devices in landscape mode and portrait mode. Works best with MagSafe compatible cases with a magnetic insert to pass power through the device.

Use iPhone in portrait or portrait mode

Use iPhone in portrait or portrait mode

Although the case we use for iPhone 14 Too thin, it was still enough to interfere with the magnet, and the device kept falling off when placed in landscape mode.

LGear 2-in-1 Docking Station – Pros

  • Slim design that fits in small spaces on or near the desk
  • 15W iPhone Fast Charger
  • iPhones can be placed vertically or horizontally

LGear 2-in-1 Dock – Cons

  • 2W slow charger for AirPods

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Pricing and Judgment

Although the only negative feature we found in the 2-in-1 dock was the 2W slow charger, we think that’s a big enough deal for a low rating. We didn’t want to wait all night for the AirPods Pro to charge, so after the initial test we used a cable and Apple MagSafe Charger instead of LGear option.

If a buyer is specifically looking for a multi-device charger for their iPhone and AirPods, and there are many better and less expensive options in the market, there is no reason to stop here.

The Lightning 2-in-1 Charging Stand can be purchased from LGear for $87although shoppers may occasionally find the product is for sale.

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