Link lauds reorganization at FCC

Link lauds reorganization at FCC

Link lauds reorganization at FCC

Fall Church, Virginia – () –Lynk Global, Inc. Lynk, the world’s leading direct-to-mobile satellite communications company, has applauded President Rosenworcel’s plan to restructure the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to create a space office, specifically geared toward driving transformational change while addressing the needs of the burgeoning space sector, Including innovative companies such as Lynk.

“In an era of intense international competition, President Rosenworcel recognizes the need to support innovative US aerospace companies,” said Margo Deckard, chief operating officer of Lynk and co-founder. “First, she implemented a simplified licensing process for small satellites, then increased staffing, and now by spearheading this reorganization, the president has moved decisively to support fast-moving American companies driving new technologies. This is not your father’s FCC.”

Lynk obtained the world’s first commercial license to provide a direct satellite-to-mobile service from FCC Earlier this year using the simplified process.

About Link

Link is the world Just Patented, Proven, and Commercially Licensed Satellite Standard Mobile Phone System. Lynk is currently testing direct-to-standard mobile satellite services in more than a dozen countries. Today, Lynk is the only company in the world that has successfully sent and received text messages to and from space via standard, unmodified mobile devices. From the start, Lynk will enable two-way emergency messaging, emergency cellular streaming services, and regular SMS messages on every phone around the world. By partnering with Lynk via a simple roaming agreement, the mobile network operator opens the door to new revenue in untapped markets, gives subscribers peace of mind with ubiquitous connectivity, and provides a path to economic prosperity for billions of global citizens. For more information visit Or follow @linktheworld.

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