‘Little People, Big World’ star Audrey Roloff talks marriage

‘Little People, Big World’ star Audrey Roloff talks marriage

Audrey Roloff is opening up about her healthy marriage. (Photo via Instagram/@audreyroloff)

Audrey Roloff It’s getting real about how to maintain a healthy marriage.

On Tuesday, the “Little People, Big World” star shared one Instagram Reel of her and her husband, Jeremy Roloffsharing their drinks in a dimly lit restaurant, along with a detailed caption explaining the importance of committing to a weekly date night and the impact it has had on his life.

The couple tie the knot Since returning in 2014, they have a daughter, Ember, 5, and two sons, Bode, 2, and Radley, 1.

“POV: You start the year with three kids, under the age of four, run multiple businesses together, and buy a fixer-upper in the country, but decide this is the year to commit to a weekly date night,” reads the onscreen text. in the year the video. “Week 45/52.

“You know commitment is going to be hard and it’s causing sacrifices in other areas of your life. And every week, you can come up with a million noble excuses to cancel… And it takes a few weeks. But you don’t. Don’t give up because you’re falling behind. You make up for it, because you know it’s worth the investment.”

Roloff explain Although life has been hectic and it would have been easy to call off their date, they have “managed to say ‘no’ to a lot of other things” in order to keep this commitment.

“Some of these things are good things and hard sacrifices,” he said accepted. “But we believe that the health of our marriage will affect the health of our home and life more than anything else.”

Fans met Roloff’s post with applause for “sharing the secret” to a happy and healthy marriage.

“Thank you for sharing your secret to the success of your marriage! Making time for each other even when life is busy is so important and keeps the spark alive!” An Instagram user he commented.

Another one add: “The commitment is definitely worth it and you guys nailed it! It’s a beautiful thing to show your kids that you make each other a priority and spend time with each other.”

“This is amazing! Thanks for sharing,” one fan he wrote.

“It’s so worth it!” someone else shared. “My husband and I have gone on weekly dates for the majority of our marriage!”

a person written down: “So wonderful to see that our commitment to each other is still going strong.”

In July, Roloff shared another Honest Instagram video about his family life. The 31-year-old opened up about one of her postpartum struggles: breastfeeding.

In the clip, Roloff showed her youngest son, Radley, breastfeeding stains on her T-shirt, along with the text, “I have an 8 month old, but this still happens every time I nurse.”

“Shouldn’t this stop after the first few months?! I’ve been nursing my third baby for eight months and yet here we are,” she said. has put the title of the message. “This happens every time I nurse without nursing. In the last pic, I was sitting up when this happened. My breasts aren’t that low…yet. It’s especially cute when I forget my nursing pads for date night. Any other moms. relate?! #erizaintza # breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #motherhood #momlife.”

The the video she was quickly applauded for “normalizing the struggle to breastfeed” and “being so relatable.”

“Does she ever stop doing that? #nursingpadsforlife,” one Instagram user said just kiddingwhile another added: “Girl I’ve been gone 18 months and it still happens almost once.”

“Girl, you’re not alone… I was this for a long time with every kid, too,” someone else add.

“This is so relatable,” one person said he wrote. “Thank you for normalizing the breastfeeding struggle. People need to learn!”

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